Trump firmly against Iran nuke deal, ready for French President Macron’s pro-deal pitch

April 23, 2018 GMT

President Trump isn’t backing off his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, the White House said Monday of the international agreement that is expected to be a top issue during the state visit by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Mr. Trump has threatened to pull out of the Obama-era deal. Mr. Macron and others, including Iranian officials, have urged him to reconsider.

“The president has been extremely clear that he thinks it is a bad deal. That certainly hasn’t changed,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Mr. Trump can nix the deal May 12, when he has the choice whether to extend sanctions relief under the deal or reimpose sanctions on Iran.

Still, Ms. Sanders said the president always welcomed discussions about making deals that he thinks would benefit the American people.

“I’m confident we have a great negotiator at the table,” she said, adding that her statement did not discount Mr. Macron’s negotiating skills.

The president is hosting Mr. Macron in the first state visit of the Trump administration, with three days of events that begin Monday and include a state dinner Tuesday.