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Bill Thomas: Broad-brush insults don’t help

April 24, 2019 GMT

Editor: I’m responding to Michael Pacer’s letter to the editor, dated March 22, that carried the headline “Democrats always on the wrong side!”

Mr. Pacer stated that he ponders what it’s like to be a globalist, baby killer, the party of homosexuals, dope smokers.....His insults and ranting labored on and on with no clear purpose. He ended his rant with God smiting all of us Democrats.

It’s immature and ignorant to blanket Democrats with these hate filled stereotypes. Which is why, I don’t consider the majority of Republicans as dimwitted, uneducated, isolationist monsters. I know better, I have many dear friends that are conservative Republicans, and I respect them and their views. They are smart, kind hearted and worldly. He might wonder what it’s like to be a globalist Democrat, but I wonder what it must feel like to be so damn angry, bitter and soulless.

Bill Thomas

Lake Havasu City