Is ‘Tymlos’ the new osteoporosis miracle drug?

August 16, 2017 GMT

A broken bone could be the sign of something much worse. For post-menopausal women, it could be a sign of osteoporosis. Yet, only 20-percent of women who’ve had a fragility fracture actually get diagnosed with osteoporosis, so there’s room for raising awareness.

Now, tv personality Meredith Vieira is lending her voice to a cause that means a lot to her – educating women about osteoporosis.

“My mom was in her 60’s when she started to develop a Dowager’s hump, you know, sort of that hunch back. And we just assumed that was part of the natural aging process. Then she fell, low impact fall, broke her pelvis, and she chalked it up to just being clumsy. We didn’t get the association between the disease and what was happening to her,” Viera recalled.

“Fortunately, now, we have many treatments that are available for patients, including this new agent that was just approved by the FDA, called TYMLOS. And Tymlos is an anabolic agent, and anabolic agents have been shown to grow bone, increase bone density and increase the quantity of bone that you have. This improves the strength of the bone and helps to prevent fractures,” orthopedic surgeon Dr. Susan Bukata added.

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