At least 17 people treated after contact with rabid raccoon

MACON, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia health official says at least 17 people who were exposed to a rabid raccoon have started treatment.

News outlets report North Central Health District spokesman Michael Hokanson gave an update Monday to the “Raccoon or Kitten” event that took place Aug. 3 in Macon.

People who attended the event were allowed to interact with the raccoon. It had been owned by a private citizen but was later given to a wildlife rehab center where it died and tested positive for rabies.

Hokanson says the raccoon didn’t scratch or bite anyone. The animal didn’t show signs of having rabies at the event.

Hokanson says 33 people were recommended for treatment which involves a series of vaccines. The health department isn’t covering treatment and the cost varies depending on insurance.