Alice Cooper

1. The Storyteller by Dave Grohl, narrated by the author (HarperAudio)

Rocker Alice Cooper closed the first edition of the Domination music festival in Mexico City with a concert that included his classic straitjacket routine, a guillotine and many costume changes.
Hollywood Vampires, “Rise” (earMUSIC)

When Alice Cooper, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and movie star Johnny Depp formed a band in 2015 to pay homage to dead drinking buddies, it might have seemed like a pleasant diversion, a one-off lark for otherwise busy artists.
DANBURY — The Ives Concert Park will rock ‘n’ roll this Saturday in honor of the late Fore ‘n’ Aft clubs in western Connecticut and New York.
Alice Cooper will feature music from his 27th album, “Paranormal,” in a show at Waterbury’s Palace Theatre on Friday, Oct. 5.
NEW YORK (AP) — Most Easter Sundays, you can find John Legend at home, helping cook a big dinner for family and friends. Except this Easter.
HOLMDEL, N.J. (AP) — It’s more than a feeling: Many of the rock ‘n’ roll bands that were huge in 1977 will comprise a big part of the summer concert market 40 years later.
AUGUSTA — Hard rock artist Alice Cooper is slated to appear in Augusta for a one-night only performance.
NEW YORK (AP) — The 13th annual Tribeca Film Festival will premiere films starring Katie Holmes and Robin Williams, and feature Courteney Cox’s directorial debut.