Andrej Plenkovic
Croatia has reached an agreement with the United States to buy 89 Bradley fighting vehicles as part of cooperation with Washington and plans within NATO to form an infantry brigade.
Officials in Croatia say that omicron variant of the coronavirus has fueled the highest number of daily new infections in the country since the start of the pandemic.
Croatian authorities will limit gatherings and widen the use of COVID-19 passes to curb soaring infections after the numbers of infected people reached new records again on Friday.
A major European Union-funded bridge has been connected over the Adriatic Sea and linked two swaths of Croatia’s coastline that are divided by a small stretch of Bosnia’s territory.
ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — Croatia announced Friday that it will purchase 12 used Rafale fighter jets from France for nearly 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion), to replace its aging fleet of Soviet-era aircraft and strengthen its air force amid lingering tensions in the Balkans.
ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — A moderate earthquake hit central Croatia near the capital of Zagreb early Monday, triggering panic and damaging some buildings in towns south of the city.
ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — Thousands on Wednesday marched to commemorate the suffering of Croatia’s eastern city of Vukovar during the 1991-95 war despite a persisting surge in new coronavirus cases in the country.
ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — The ruling conservatives overwhelmingly won Croatia’s parliamentary elections held Sunday amid a spike in new coronavirus cases as the latest European Union member state leaned further to the right.
ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — A strong earthquake in Croatia on Sunday caused panic, the evacuation of hospitals and widespread damage including to the capital’s iconic cathedral — all amid a partial coronavirus lockdown.