Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Drug cartel turf battles have cut off towns in southern Mexico state of Chiapas, near the Guatemala border, Mexico’s president acknowledged Monday.
Mexico’s president says he will skip the APEC summit in November in San Francisco and says it’s because his country “has no relations” with Peru.
The former mayor of Mexico City will be the dominant ruling party’s presidential candidate, moving the country closer to electing its first female president next year.
Mexico’s president delivered his second-to-last state of the union address and perhaps what was most striking about his 1 1/2 hour speech was what he didn’t talk about: drugs, crime or drug cartels.
Mexico’s broad opposition coalition announced it has chosen Senator Xóchitl Gálvez as its candidate in the June 2, 2024 presidential elections.
Mothers of some of 111,000 people who have disappeared in Mexico over decades of violence are marking the International Day of the Disappeared with protests and demands that the government do more to locate their loved ones.
The Mexican government says it has sent 1,200 more troops to the cartel-dominated western state of Michoacan after a weekend of violence.
Two presidential contenders vying for the coveted spot as the candidate of Mexico’s ruling party, Morena, in upcoming presidential elections, closed their campaigns for the nomination this weekend.In recent months Claudia Sheinbaum, former Mexico City mayor, and Marcelo Ebrard, former foreign minist
The head of Mexico’s commission leading the search for tens of thousands who have disappeared over past decades of violence has stepped down as the government increasingly comes under criticism of trying to undermine the true numbers of the missing.
Mexico has announced its army-run airline will start up in September, but flight attendants won’t be soldiers.
The poverty rate in Mexico has declined from 49.9% to 43.5% of the population, according to the country’s poverty analysis agency.
Mexico’s president is asking why, if a woman criticizes him, he isn’t considered victim of gender violence.
The debate over school textbooks has gone ballistic in a short time as in Mexico. Opponents are hurling cries of “communist” and “fascist” at each other.
Prosecutors from Mexico City took the extreme and unusual step of getting marines to accompany them across state lines and arrest Uriel Carmona, the attorney general of the neighboring state of Morelos, and spirit him back to the capital.
Independent investigators leaving Mexico after eight years searching for answers to the 2014 disappearance of 43 students from a teachers’ college say they experienced a “double reality” that was unlike anything they had encountered in other international missions.
Mexico’s president says he has offered to buy an American company’s Caribbean coast property for $385 million to end a bitter, years-long dispute.
The most reliable count shows that homicides in Mexico declined for the first time in several years in 2022, but the number appears to have flatlined in the first half of 2023.
A street-food salesgirl who became a tech entrepreneur and senator is shaking up the contest to succeed Mexico’s popular president.
Mexico’s president plowed ahead with attacks against the opposition front-runner for the 2024 presidential elections despite a ruling by electoral authorities that he had violated equity and neutrality rules.
Mexican security officials have acknowledged that a large demonstration that blocked the main highway to the resort of Acapulco and abducted officials was organized by a drug gangs.
Mexico’s president has vowed to continue campaigning against the opposition front-runner for the 2024 presidential elections, breaking a longstanding tradition of presidents staying out of the race to succeed them.
Mexico’s armed forces are taking control of the capital’s main airport, and the government plans to give the military control of nearly a dozen more across the country as the president takes aim at corruption and mismanagement.
Armed men have abducted 14 state police officers in southern Mexico. The kidnapping on Tuesday prompted a heavy deployment of federal and local forces.
Mexico’s Supreme Court has overturned yet another set of electoral law changes favored by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
The Mexican government has ordered academics at a state-funded research institute not to post criticism that could “damage the dignity” of their bosses on social media, or share them in emails.
Mexico’s president has appointed a 35-year-old lawyer as interior secretary, considered the country’s top Cabinet post.
Farmers have taken over the airport in the northern Mexico city of Culiacan to protest low prices for their corn and wheat crops.
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s top diplomat resigned his post Monday to enter the primary race for the country’s 2024 presidential election, and Mexico City’s mayor said she would resign Friday to do the same.
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s governing Morena party has decided that a series of five polls over the summer will decide the party’s nomination for the June 2024 presidential election.
Mexico’s president has described the slayings of five men caught on security camera footage as an apparent “execution” by soldiers, and has vowed that the perpetrators would face justice.