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President Emmanuel Macron says France will end its military presence in Niger and pull its ambassador out of the country now that its democratically elected president has been deposed in a coup.
Just a few years ago, artificial intelligence got barely a mention at the U.N. General Assembly’s convocation of world leaders.
More research is showing that we carry genes from other kinds of ancient humans, and their DNA affects our lives today.
Past high-profile trials suggest additional scrutiny and stress for the four judges overseeing the indictments against former President Donald Trump.
Authorities on Monday are expected to begin allowing the first residents and property owners to return to their devastated properties in Lahaina, many for the first time since the historic town was demolished by a wildfire nearly seven weeks ago.
Colorado fell out of The Associated Press college football poll after a resounding loss in one of the weekend’s showcase games and the teams toward the top of the rankings were shuffled and tightened.
Authorities on Monday will begin allowing the first residents and property owners to return to their devastated properties in Lahaina, many for the first time since the historic town was demolished by a wildfire nearly seven weeks ago.
As Congress considers payments to victims of Cold War-era nuclear contamination in the St. Louis region, people who were targeted for secret government testing from that same time period believe they’re due compensation, too.
A space capsule carrying NASA’s first asteroid samples has landed in the Utah desert. The Osiris-Rex spacecraft released the capsule Sunday, following a seven-year journey to asteroid Bennu and back.
The six-day United Nations General Assembly formally wrapping Tuesday shows how in-person diplomacy has fully come back.
Rep. Andy Kim of New Jersey has announced that he will run against Sen. Robert Menendez in the state’s Democratic primary for Senate next year, saying he feels compelled to run against the three-term senator after he and his wife were indicted on sweeping corruption charges.
Allies of Speaker Kevin McCarthy are working furiously to shore up support for the latest Republican plan to prevent a government shutdown.
The U.S. ambassador to Canada has said that information shared from members of an intelligence-sharing alliance was part of what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used to make public allegations of the Indian government’s possible involvement in the assassination a Sikh Canadian.
Speaker Kevin McCarthy has turned to a strategy that so far has preserved his tenuous hold on House leadership, but also marked his tenure by chaos.
The White House says President Joe Biden has gotten the updated COVID-19 vaccine and the annual flu shot. The White House physician, Dr.
The landmark Washington National Cathedral has unveiled new stained-glass windows with a theme of racial justice.
It probably wasn’t how President Joe Biden envisioned his big foreign policy week ending. Biden spent much of the time trying to convey to world leaders, Democratic donors and voters that his decades of foreign policy experience and his moral stands set him apart from Donald Trump, the early front-r
A growing number of states are offering dental care to low-income adults who once had to rely on charity or the emergency room to treat their tooth problems.
Russia says Ukraine has launched another missile attack on Sevastopol on the occupied Crimean Peninsula.
Pope Francis is challenging French President Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders to open their ports to people fleeing hardship and poverty.
Residents in parts of coastal North Carolina and Virginia have experienced flooding after Tropical Storm Ophelia made landfall near a North Carolina barrier island, bringing rain, damaging winds and dangerous surges.
The sweeping bribery case brought against U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez includes allegations that he took cash and gold in exchange for interfering in a criminal case against a New Jersey real estate developer.
The federal government is heading toward a shutdown at month’s end that will disrupt many services, squeeze workers and roil politics.
At the annual meeting of world leaders last year, the United Nations chief sounded a global alarm about the survival of humanity and the planet.
Once rock-solid, the support Ukraine has received from its biggest backers for its defense against Russia is showing cracks.
The Minnesota Twins have clinched the AL Central title with an 8-6 victory over the Los Angeles Angels.
The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into claims in recent lawsuits that Baton Rouge police assaulted and strip-searched drug suspects they detained in an obscure warehouse known as the “Brave Cave.”
The U.N. General Assembly, the most inherently international event, is also the most American. It’s a place where people raised unfree come to speak out because they can.
Elijah McClain’s mother left a Colorado courtroom in tears as prosecutors showed jurors disturbing video footage of the 2019 confrontation with police in a Denver suburb that led to McClain’s death.
Economists in Hawaii warn that residents who survived the wildfire that destroyed much of the Maui community of Lahaina might not be able to afford to live there after it is rebuilt unless officials alter the zoning laws and make other changes.
Surgeons have transplanted a pig’s heart into a dying man in a bid to prolong his life. He’s only the second patient to undergo such an experimental feat.
The White House has direct federal agencies to get ready for a shutdown after House Republicans left town for the weekend with no viable plan to keep the government funded.
Rupert Murdoch stirs mixed feelings in Britain, where he transformed the media over half a century. U.K. journalists and politicians are both hailing and reviling the 92-year-old mogul after he announced he was stepping down as leader of his media empire.
The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Ophelia has formed off the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast and was producing winds just below hurricane force.
Fall gets its official start this weekend in the Northern Hemisphere. This year’s autumnal equinox arrives on Saturday. But what does that mean?