Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Vice President Kamala Harris has left Washington for Indonesia, where she’ll attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit.
Southeast Asian leaders led by Indonesian host President Joko Widodo are gathering in their final summit this year.
South Korea’s president says he’ll tell world leaders about the need to faithfully enforce U.N. sanctions on North Korea when they converge in Indonesia and India for annual summits this week.
Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim says Southeast Asian countries should be given some latitude to engage informally with Myanmar on an individual basis to help resolve a deepening crisis there.
The European Union’s top diplomat has expressed opposition to Myanmar’s upcoming role as overseer of relations between the 27-nation bloc and Southeast Asian nations and reasserted its non-recognition of the strife-torn nation’s military government.
Indonesia’s top diplomat is warning of the threat posed by nuclear weapons, saying that Southeast Asia is “one miscalculation away from apocalypse” and pressing for world powers to sign a treaty to keep the region free from such arms.
Myanmar’s prolonged civil strife, tensions in the disputed South China Sea and concern over arms buildups in the region are expected to dominate the agenda when Southeast Asia’s top diplomats gather for talks this week in Indonesia.
Thailand is hosting a meeting of neighboring countries to discuss the violent political deadlock in Myanmar, an initiative that has been criticized for potentially undermining regional peace efforts and for being carried out by a caretaker government.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has somberly acknowledged to fellow Southeast Asian leaders that no progress has been made to end the civil strife gripping Myanmar.
Southeast Asian leaders have condemned an attack on an aid convoy that the regional group arranged for displaced people in Myanmar.
Alarm over Myanmar’s still-unfolding deadly civil strife, including an armed attack on an aid convoy, and China’s aggressive actions in the disputed South China Sea are expected to challenge Southeast Asian leaders’ commitments to non-interference and consensus decision-making as they meet in Indone
BANGKOK (AP) — A convoy including diplomats representing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on a mission to provide humanitarian assistance to displaced people in strife-torn Myanmar has been ambushed, state media and a member of an ethnic minority militia said Monday.
Southeast Asian leaders are meeting at a picturesque tourist destination with sun-splashed tropical islands to tackle regional crises.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Human rights activists urged the U.N. Security Council on Monday to refer Myanmar’s military rulers to the International Criminal Court and urged neighboring Southeast Asian countries to support the opposition pro-democracy movement.
MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to speak up and hold Myanmar’s military leaders accountable for blatant human rights violations, but said the country should remain in the regional bloc.
BANGKOK (AP) — Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on Friday issued a strong call for fellow members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to take new measures to pressure the government of military-ruled Myanmar to end what he called “atrocities” against its own people.
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Southeast Asian foreign ministers vowed to finalize negotiations with China over a proposed pact aimed at preventing conflicts in the disputed South China Sea in their annual retreat on Saturday in Indonesia’s capital.
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Southeast Asian foreign ministers urged Myanmar’s military rulers on Friday to reduce violence and allow unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to pave the way for a national dialogue aimed at ending the country’s worsening crisis.
BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union and southeast Asian countries commemorated 45 years of diplomatic ties Wednesday at a summit overshadowed by political distractions in Europe, ranging from the war in Ukraine to a bribery scandal.
BEIJING (AP) — The defense chiefs of rival powers China and the U.S. will both attend next week’s expanded meeting of Southeast Asian security ministers in Cambodia, opening up the possibility the two will hold face-to-face discussions.
Indonesia’s president is vowing not to let Southeast Asia become the front lines of a new Cold War amid increasing tensions between the United States and China.
Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is pressing Southeast Asian countries for political and material support in his county’s fight against Russia while accusing Moscow of playing “hunger games” with the world by holding up shipments of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products.
President Joe Biden says the United States will work with a strategically vital coalition of southeast Asian nations to build a region that is free, stable, prosperous and secure.
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Southeast Asian leaders did little to ramp up pressure on Myanmar to comply with their plan for peace, agreeing Friday to a course of action that largely kicks the matter down the road.
A custom wristwatch from Cambodian leader Hun Sen at the ASEAN summit in Phnom Penh, a foot-long dagger at the G-20 meetings in Bali, and cricket ice cream and Thai noodles with worm sauce at the APEC talks in Bangkok.
Ukraine has signed a peace accord with Southeast Asian nations. It’s a largely symbolic act that comes as Kyiv seeks to shore up international support in isolating Russia.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Journalist organizations say South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol attacked press freedoms when his office banned a TV broadcaster’s crew from the media pool on his presidential plane this week for alleged bias in reporting.
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced a large development assistance package for Cambodia on Wednesday, oversaw the signing of 18 agreements on aid and cooperation, and attended the inauguration of a highway constructed with Chinese support.
Southeast Asian leaders are convening in Cambodia, faced with the challenge of trying to curtail escalating violence in Myanmar while the country’s military-led government shows no signs of complying with the group’s peace plan.
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Southeast Asian foreign ministers acknowledged Thursday that their efforts to bring peace to Myanmar haven’t succeeded and agreed to increase their determination to end violence in the country, where a military takeover last year set off a crisis that threatens to destabili