Lebanese judicial officials say authorities in Beirut have questioned two people at Turkey’s request on suspicion of being involved in the 2019 escape of auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn from Japan to Lebanon.
Judicial officials say two Russian citizens who were recently detained in Beirut on suspicion of spying for Israel were referred to an investigative military judge who issued arrest warrants for them.
Air traffic controllers at Lebanon’s only civilian airport say they are badly understaffed and are planning to go on strike next month.
The Lebanese army says an army helicopter crashed during a training mission in a forest east of Beirut, killing two crew members and injuring one.
A Lebanese Shiite cleric who has angered politicians and religious leaders in Lebanon and Iraq says that groups including Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah are trying to silence voices of dissent within the sect — including his own.
A Lebanese security official says two bullets hit the car of the country’s caretaker defense minister while he was in a convoy near Beirut. No one was hurt.
Lebanese security officials and the militant Hezbollah group say a truck belonging to Hezbollah overturned on a mountain road near Beirut and was followed by a shooting that left two people dead.
Three years after Beirut’s massive port explosion, attempts to prosecute those responsible are mired in political intrigue and the death toll remains disputed.
The Islamic State group has announced the death of its little-known leader, Abu al-Hussein al-Husseini al-Qurayshi, who headed the extremist organization since November.
Lebanon has handed over to Italy a suspected Italian drug dealer arrested last month north of the capital of Beirut,.
Banks from four Arab countries are interested in investing in Lebanon’s struggling banking sector, which has been hard-hit by the small nation’s three-year economic meltdown.
A son of Libya’s leader Moammar Gadhafi was briefly taken to hospital after his health deteriorated nearly three weeks after he went on hunger strike to protest his detention in Lebanon without trial.
Lebanese officials say a judge has questioned auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn in Beirut over possible links to a former French Cabinet minister who was charged with “passive corruption” two years ago for dealing with him.
BEIRUT (AP) — A British court has ordered a London-based company that delivered the ammonium nitrate that exploded in 2020 at Beirut’s port to pay compensation to some families of the hundreds of victims, Beirut’s Bar Association said Tuesday.
BEIRUT (AP) — Assailants kidnapped a Saudi Arabian citizen in Beirut but the motive behind the abduction was not immediately clear, Lebanon’s interior minister and security officials said Monday.
Lebanon’s Sursock Museum has reopened to the public, three years after a deadly explosion in the nearby Beirut port reduced many of its treasured paintings and collections to ashes.
BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanese authorities Wednesday briefly detained a prominent Egyptian blogger and human rights activist, his lawyer and sister said, but the reason for his arrest was not immediately clear.
BEIRUT (AP) — It was a cold night 50 years ago when an Israeli commando team led by a man disguised as a woman infiltrated a posh Beirut neighborhood and shot and killed three top officials from the Palestine Liberation Organization in their apartments.
BEIRUT (AP) — A leading international rights group on Tuesday decried what it said were double standards by Western countries that have rallied behind a “robust response” to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but remain “lukewarm” on issues of human rights violations in the Middle East.
BEIRUT (AP) — The International Monetary Fund gave a grim assessment Thursday of Lebanon’s prospects for getting out of its deepening financial crisis, saying that without reforms, the country is headed for hyperinflation.
Lebanese security forces are firing tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters who tried to break through a fence leading to the government headquarters in downtown Beirut.
BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s Central Bank chief was again charged with corruption on Wednesday, this time after failing to show up for questioning before a European legal team visiting Beirut in a money-laundering probe linked to the governor, officials said.
BEIRUT (AP) — French authorities have asked Lebanese prosecutors to detain two people suspected of involvement in a 1983 bombing in Beirut that killed dozens of French troops, Lebanese judicial officials said Wednesday.
The Lebanese pound has lost as much as 98% in value since late 2019, and now most restaurants and many stores are demanding to be paid in dollars to bypass what’s seen as a nearly useless currency.
BEIRUT (AP) — Beirut’s public prosecutor on Thursday charged the governor of cash-strapped Lebanon’s Central Bank, his brother and an associate with corruption, Lebanese officials said.
In recent days, the Islamic State group has carried out its deadliest attacks in more than year, killing dozens of civilians and security officers in the deserts of central Syria.
BEIRUT (AP) — Three years into a crippling financial crisis, Lebanon’s Central Bank on Wednesday set a new exchange rate that effectively devalued the country’s currency by 90% but did little to bridge the gap with the soaring black market rate.
BEIRUT (AP) — Scores of protesters Thursday scuffled with riot police in Beirut as they tried to break into the offices of Lebanon’s judiciary, after the country’s chief prosecutor filed charges against the judge investigating the massive 2020 port explosion and ordered the release of all suspects i
Lebanon’s top prosecutor has ordered all suspects detained in the investigation into the deadly 2020 Beirut port blast released and filed charges against the judge leading the probe.
BEIRUT (AP) — The United States on Tuesday slapped sanctions on a high-profile Lebanese economist alleged to be assisting the militant group Hezbollah with its financial operations.