Belarusian state media have reported that 48 children from Ukraine arrived in Belarus from Ukrainian regions which Moscow says it has annexed.
Latvia is growing worried over the increasing number of migrants attempting to cross over into the Baltic nation through the border with Belarus and has called up the military to assist border guards.
A leading member of Poland’s conservative government has sharply criticized a film that explores the humanitarian disaster affecting migrants along the Poland-Belarus border.
The Nobel Foundation has withdrawn its invitation for representatives of Russia, Belarus and Iran to attend this year’s Nobel Prize award ceremonies after the decision to invite them provoked strong reactions.
More than 2,000 troops from a Russia-led security alliance have opened military exercises in parts of Belarus near the borders of NATO countries.
Several Swedish lawmakers say they will boycott this year’s Nobel Prize award ceremonies after the private foundation that administers the prestigious awards changed its position from a year earlier and invited representatives of Russia, Belarus and Iran to attend.
A court in Belarus has sentenced a high-profile journalist to 3 1/2 years for “facilitating extremist activities” and “discrediting Belarus” after she provided data for a renowned human rights group.
A representative of the Polish community in Belarus says a former correspondent for a top Polish newspaper has been denied life-saving heart medication in a Belarusian prison.
A former member of Belarus President Aleksander Lukashenko’s special security forces is to face trial in Switzerland next month for the forced disappearances of political opponents in the late 1990s.
NATO members Poland and the Baltic states say they will seal off their borders with Russia’s ally Belarus if there are any military incidents or a massive migrant push by Minsk.
Belarusian authorities have declared the country’s oldest and most prominent human rights group an extremist organization.
Poland’s President Andrzej Duda confirms that Russia has begun shifting some short-range nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus.
Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu has visited Belarus and said his country would increase military cooperation with Russia’s neighbor, where Moscow is deploying tactical nuclear weapons.
Poland’s lawmakers have confirmed that a controversial government-planned referendum on migration will be held alongside key parliamentary elections in October.
Lithuania has decided to temporarily close two of its six checkpoints with Belarus this week amid growing tensions with its eastern neighbor, an ally of Russia.
Poland is deploying thousands of troops to its border with pro-Russian Belarus, calling it a deterrent move as tensions between the neighbors ratchet up.
Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu is visiting Russia and Belarus in a show of support for nations the West has sought to isolate over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Poland’s defense minister says his country has increased the number of troops protecting its border with Belarus as a deterrent amid “destabilizing” actions by its pro-Russian neighbor.
Poland’s defense minister says the country intends to put 10,000 soldiers along its border with Belarus.
Pland’s government will deploy an additional 2,000 troops to its border with Belarus, twice the number the Border Guard agency had requested, as fears of illegal migration rise.
Poland’s president has announced that the country will hold its parliamentary election on October 15.
Belarus-born sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya is set to represent her new country Poland in three events at the world championships this month.
Belarus has begun military exercises near its border with Poland and Lithuania. The drills Monday come with tensions already heightened with the two NATO members over the influx of Russia-linked Wagner mercenaries into Belarus after their short-lived mutiny in Russia.
A Belarusian sprinter whose team tried to force her out of the Tokyo Olympics has been declared eligible to represent Poland ahead of the upcoming world championships.
The unlikely path of KI Klaksvík from the Faeroe Islands toward the Champions League group stage would go through Galatasaray or Olimpija Ljubljana in the playoff round.
Lithuania has declared more than a thousand citizens of Russia and Belarus living in the country to be threats to national security and said it is stripping them of their permanent residency permits.
The European Union has imposed sanctions on several Belarus police, justice and prison officials over the crackdown on anti-government activists that started three years ago.
Polish and Lithuanian leaders have held an urgent meeting in a strategically sensitive area where their NATO nations border Belarus and the Russian territory of Kaliningrad.
NATO allies located along the alliance’s eastern front are growing increasingly worried about the presence of Russia-linked Wagner group mercenaries in Belarus.
Poland’s government says that two Belarusian helicopters entered the Polish airspace. Tuesday’s incident comes amid rising tensions along the NATO member’s border with the Russian ally.