Chile government
A 42-year-old Virginia man got to embrace his birth mother for the first time during a long-awaited family reunion in Valdivia, Chile.
U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says in Chile that it is imperative for the United States to declassify documents that could shed light on its involvement in the South American country’s 1973 coup.
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s president on Tuesday named Alicia Bárcena, the country’s current ambassador to Chile, as the next foreign relations secretary, replacing Marcelo Ebrard who resigned to pursue the presidential nomination.
Chile seemed on the cusp of a progressive revolution last year when a committee dominated by leftists drafted a bold new constitution to replace the country’s dictatorship-era charter.
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A far-right party led in the vote count Sunday night after Chileans cast ballots for a 50-member commission that is to draft a new coonstitution after voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposed charter last year that was considered one of the world’s most progressive.
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Chile will vote Sunday to choose 50 delegates to a council that will draw up a new Constitution, after voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposed charter last year that was widely described as one of the world’s most progressive.
TACNA, Peru (AP) — Stranded for five days under the scorching desert sun alongside a highway, Venezuelan Rosmary Morales looked on helplessly Friday at a wall of police officers blocking her passage into Peru.
A migration crisis at the border between Chile and Peru is intensifying, with hundreds of people stranded, unable to cross into Peru in an effort to return to their home country of Venezuela.
The Chilean government’s newly announced plan to have the state take a majority stake in the lithium industry has disconcerted business leaders.
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — President Gabriel Boric has announced a plan to require that private companies take Chile’s government on as a partner in the extraction of lithium, which is in high demand around the world for use in electric batteries.
Chilean President Gabriel Boric has shaken up his Cabinet, replacing five of his 24 ministers on the eve of beginning his second year in power.
The transformation begins as night falls on this semi-desert esplanade on the outskirts of Chile’s capital, with Arturo, Alejandro and René applying makeup and donning wigs, feathers and sequins to become “Verónica Power,” Älexandra” and “The Crazy Purse Woman.”
A relative of the late Chilean poet Pablo Neruda says forensic experts have determined that the Nobel Prize winner died of poisoning nearly 50 years ago.
A Spanish lawmaker says he was formally kicked out of Bolivia as he was getting ready to leave the South American country after he visited to demand the release of opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho.