Coca-Cola Co. says it’s partnering with Brown-Forman Corp., the maker of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, to sell premixed cocktails.
New York could legalize to-go sales of cocktails, bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages under a proposal Gov.
Muted New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world ushered in the fourth calendar year framed by the global Covid-19 pandemic.
Harry’s Bar in Paris is celebrating the 100th birthday of the bloody mary, the vodka-tomato juice cocktail believed to have been invented at the iconic watering hole in 1921.
No. 1 Georgia and its top-ranked defense dominated Florida in the annual rivalry known as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.”
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The “Cocktail Party” has provided little drama in recent years.

Seven of the last eight games between Southeastern Conference rivals Florida and Georgia have been decided by at least two touchdowns.
GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Florida coach Dan Mullen has fielded quarterback questions all season: Emory Jones? Anthony Richardson? Why Jones? Why not Richardson?
SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — City officials say bars and restaurants in Savannah are toasting a successful trial run at serving to-go orders of beer and cocktails in aluminum cups.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California moved Friday to extend the sale of cocktails-to-go and keep alcohol service for outdoor dining at parklets as officials try to help restaurants recover from the coronavirus pandemic.
This time of year, everyone asks me how they can become a better griller. It all comes down to the following 10 tips, the most important of which is knowing the difference between direct and indirect cooking.
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri restaurants will be able to sell to-go cocktails permanently under a bill signed into law by Republican Gov.
A half-dozen Mason jars line the top shelf of Toni Dash’s pantry. Some are filled with clear liquid tinted almost imperceptibly.
SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon lawmakers have passed a bill allowing the sale of cocktails to-go to continue after the COVID-19 pandemic.
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (AP) — Canned cocktails in Michigan will be less expensive and can have a higher alcohol content starting this summer after Gov.
PHOENIX (AP) — Come fall, Arizona residents who want to have their favorite restaurant deliver a meal to their home may also be able to get a cocktail delivered.
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — People will be able to get beer and cocktails to go in Kansas after the coronavirus pandemic thanks to a measure signed into law Wednesday by Gov.
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The state that made saloon smasher Carrie Nation famous is moving to allow people to get beer and cocktails to go after the coronavirus pandemic.
DENVER (AP) — People in Colorado may keep celebrating happy hour at home with beverages from their favorite restaurants after the state House passed a measure to extend the sale of to-go cocktails past the duration of coronavirus pandemic.
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — An emergency order that lets Nebraska restaurants offer carry-out alcohol could become a permanent state law under a measure lawmakers advanced Tuesday.
Cocktails are having a moment, and because of the pandemic, that moment is happening most often at home.
DETROIT (AP) — The coronavirus is shaking up America’s liquor laws.

At least 33 states and the District of Columbia are temporarily allowing cocktails to-go during the pandemic.
Well, it’s Groundhog Day at the movies...again. But instead of the icy winter of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the time-loop romantic comedy has been transported across the country to the desert resort city of Palm Springs where Andy Samberg is permanently stuck as a plus one at a wedding.
LANSING, Mich (AP) — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Wednesday that she was closing indoor seating in bars in parts of the state, including a college town where one brewpub has been linked to about 140 infections.
Epic adventures, exotic locales and cocktails mixed to order by bartenders — they may be largely off limits for the moment, but not on a device near you.
LAS VEGAS (AP) — A wristband that will help you say “no” to junk food. A machine that will mix drinks for you.
From early December through Jan. 1 (or beyond, depending on how fervently you hang on to the holidays), the pop of a Champagne or sparkling wine cork is a welcome and frequent sound.
From early December through Jan. 1 (or beyond, depending on how fervently you hang on to the holidays), the pop of a Champagne or sparkling wine cork is a welcome and frequent sound.
LONDON (AP) — Mulled wine, warm spiced cider and hot toddies have long been British staples during winter.