Slovakia’s Supreme Court has upheld a previous ruling that dismissed a lawsuit by former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis against allegations that he collaborated with Czechoslovakia’s communist-era secret police.
A musical manuscript handwritten by Ludwig van Beethoven is getting returned to the heirs of the richest family in pre-World War II Czechoslovakia, whose members had to flee the country to escape the Holocaust.
BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — A Slovak court has dismissed a lawsuit by former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis against allegations that he collaborated with Czechoslovakia’s communist-era secret police.
PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech capital stripped a Soviet World War II commander of his honorary Prague citizenship Thursday.
PRAGUE (AP) — Jiří Zídek Sr., voted the best Czech basketball player of the 20th century and the first Czech inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame, has died. He was 78.
Czech arts collector and patron Meda Mladkova has died. She was 102. Mladkova was also a historian who was an impassioned promoter of Czech-born abstract artist Frantisek Kupka.
Madeleine Albright, a child refugee from Nazi- and then Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe who rose to become the first female secretary of state, has died at age 84.
Slovakia has marked the anniversary of the 2018 slayings of an investigative journalist and his fiancee by unveiling a monument to honor them at a central square in the capital of Bratislava.
When we last we saw George MacKay running, he was sprinting full-tilt across a World War I battlefield.
Czech travel writer Miroslav Zikmund has died at age 102. The museum in the eastern city of Zlin said Zikmund “left for his final journey” on Wednesday.
PRAGUE (AP) — Kamila Mouckova, a Czechoslovak television anchor who informed her nation about the 1968 Soviet-led invasion by the armies of five Warsaw Pact countries, has died at age 92, Czech public television announced late Tuesday.
PILSEN, Czech Republic (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned on Tuesday of a rise in authoritarianism led by Russia, China and Iran that threatens freedoms around the world.
The 1968 Olympics could not escape the turmoil of their times.

A gold medal gymnast silently rebelled against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
PRAGUE (AP) — Milan Kundera, the 91-year-old author of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and other acclaimed novels, has decided to donate his private library and archive to a public library in the Czech city where he was born and spent his childhood.
PRAGUE (AP) — Gene Deitch, an American Oscar-winning illustrator, animator, film director and producer has died. He was 95.
PRAGUE (AP) — A district in the Czech capital, Prague, went on Friday ahead with a plan to remove the statue of a Soviet World War II commander.
PRAGUE (AP) — Vladimir Zabrodsky, one of the best Czech hockey players in history has died. He was 97.
NEW YORK (AP) — Ivan Passer, a leading filmmaker of the Czech New Wave who with Milos Forman fled Soviet-controlled Prague and forged a celebrated career in Hollywood, has died.
PRAGUE (AP) — Prague won’t have seen anything like this since the protests of 1989 which brought down the communist regime in what was then Czechoslovakia.
On Aug. 21, 1968, Soviet tanks crushed Czechoslovakias fleeting Prague Spring reform era.

On Aug. 21, 2018, 50 years after that brutal incursion, a more modern invasion by Russia was detailed by Facebook: 652 accounts meant to spread disinformation and, ultimately, discord in multiple countries.
PRAGUE (AP) — It’s been 50 years, but powerful images of the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia taken by photographer Josef Koudelka still resonate among Czechs and elsewhere in the world — they’ve even been admired in Russia.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Czech filmmaker Milos Forman, whose American movies “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Amadeus” won a deluge of Academy Awards, including best director Oscars, died Saturday.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A new book that examines previously restricted files from the U.N. War Crimes Commission cites documents showing that Adolf Hitler had been indicted as a war criminal for actions by the Nazis during World War II before his death — contrary to longstanding assumptions.
PRAGUE (AP) — Nearly 30 years ago, Donald Trump was confident he would win the U.S. presidential election — as an independent in 1996, according to recently uncovered files from Czechoslovakia’s Communist-era secret police.
PRAGUE (AP) — Iva Drapalova, a former Associated Press correspondent in Prague who covered Czechoslovakia with courage for two decades following the 1968 Soviet-led invasion, has died.
PRAGUE (AP) — Celebrations on Monday to mark the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution felt more like an uprising against the current Czech president.
PRAGUE (AP) — Karel Gut, a high-scoring defenseman who also coached Czechoslovakia to two world ice hockey titles and an Olympic silver medal, has died. He was 86.