English Channel
French authorities say an overloaded boat carrying migrants capsized before dawn in the English Channel, killing at least six people, and more than 50 were rescued.
French maritime police have found nearly a ton of cocaine on a beach on the English Channel this week.
British police have arrested a man over the deaths of at least 27 people who drowned while trying to cross the English Channel in a dinghy.
Britain’s interior minister has visited immigration facilities on England’s southeastern coast as she grappled with an overcrowding crisis at a migrant facility and an outcry over her claim that the U.K. faced an “invasion” of asylum-seekers.
Britain’s interior minister is facing criticism for describing migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats as an “invasion.”
Britain’s interior minister is defending the government’s treatment of newly arrived migrants after critics blamed her for the “wretched” conditions endured by thousands of people at an overcrowded center for asylum-seekers.
In movie theatres and pubs, on giant screens and smartphones, people watched and pundits droned on as Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London flooded the airwaves live across time zones and continents.
LONDON (AP) — The British government’s plan to give some asylum-seekers a one-way ticket to Rwanda faces a legal challenge in the High Court on Monday, with human rights groups arguing that the policy is both illegal and immoral.
EU lawmakers have a new reason to be annoyed with Britain: British sewage overflows seeping into the English Channel and North Sea.
LONDON (AP) — The U.K. has announced plans to “fast-track” the deportation of failed Albanian asylum-seekers as authorities combat a surge in the number of migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats.
Truck drivers and travelers seeking to cross from the U.K. into France faced major disruptions and long waiting times for a third day on the weekend that kicks off Britain’s summer holidays.
Britons heading off on holiday by ferry face hours-long waits, and authorities are blaming French officials for the chaos. France blamed technical problems.
An independent inspection has found that Britain’s response to the increase in migrants crossing the English Channel on small boats is poor and officials are clearly overwhelmed.
The suspected ringleader of a network that smuggled as many as 10,000 people on small boats across the English Channel to Britain has been arrested along with 38 others.
PARIS (AP) — Police in the U.K. and other European countries carried out a joint operation Tuesday targeting people suspected of smuggling migrants to Britain on small boats.
PARIS (AP) — French soccer club Nantes has expressed its shock at Nice fans who made derogatory chants about Emiliano Sala during a league game on Wednesday.
British officials say hundreds of people have crossed the English Channel in small boats in the last 24 hours, after more than a week in which no crossings were reported.
The British government says it plans to start putting asylum-seekers on one-way flights to Rwanda within weeks.
Britain’s Conservative government has struck a deal with Rwanda to send some asylum-seekers thousands of miles away to the East African country.
British author Jack Higgins, who wrote “The Eagle Has Landed” and other bestselling thrillers and espionage novels, has died. He was 92.
Unions are protesting at British ports after major ferry operator P&O Ferries fired 800 U.K. crew members to replace them with cheaper contract staff.
BOURNEMOUTH, England (AP) — Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala was “deeply unconscious” after being poisoned by exhaust fumes before dying from severe head and chest injuries in a plane crash in 2019, a jury concluded Thursday.
PARIS (AP) — Ukrainians arriving in France’s English Channel port city of Calais with hopes of joining family in Britain can request visas at the local prefecture from Friday.
The bodies of 16 Kurdish migrants who drowned as they tried to cross the English Channel last month have been repatriated to northern Iraq.
The Paris prosecutor’s office said it has received a manslaughter lawsuit for failure to help in the tragic capsizing last month of a boat in the English Channel that cost the lives of at least 27 people trying to reach Britain.
France will restrict arrivals from Britain because of fast-spreading cases of the omicron virus variant.
The Paris prosecutor says 26 migrants have been formally identified in the tragic capsizing last month of a boat in the English Channel that cost the lives of at least 27 people trying to reach Britain.
French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Britain to make it easier for people to apply for asylum and harder for people to work illegally to stem risky migration efforts across the English Channel after a recent deadly sinking.
A U.K. parliamentary committee has criticized government plans to deter migrants from trying to reach Britain in small boats.
The EU’s border agency will dispatch a plane to monitor the shores of the English Channel for migrant boats after 27 died last week when their smuggling boat sank en route to Britain.