Eric Holcomb
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box, who oversaw Indiana’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, will retire at month’s end after more than five years in the post, officials said Friday.
A federal judge has declined to block the enforcement of a new state law barring the teaching of human sexuality to students from pre-K through the third grade. U.S.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has completed his review of bills approved during this year’s legislative session by signing the last of them into law on Thursday and issuing no vetoes.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers gave a key sign of support Monday for the governor’s proposal that would broadly expand the state’s support for county-level public health programs toward improving the state’s poor national rankings in areas such as smoking, obesity and life expectancy.
Indiana’s governor hasn’t said if he will allow an impending ban all gender-affirming care for minors to become law, but told reporters Tuesday that the bill on his desk is “clear as mud.”
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana House Republicans on Monday approved a bill that would ban all gender-affirming care for minors in the state, sending the measure to Indiana’s Republican governor amid a wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation across the U.S.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Speeding up planned cuts to the state’s personal income tax rates and a further expansion of the private school voucher program are keys parts of a state spending plan released Friday by Indiana House Republicans.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana governor’s proposal for a broad expansion of county-level public health programs won its first endorsement from state legislators on Wednesday.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb urged skeptical state legislators Tuesday to support funding for several big-ticket spending plans, arguing that the state needed to take action on multiple fronts.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers returned Monday to the Statehouse for the start of this year’s legislative session with a large budget surplus and a long list of big-ticket spending wishes to sort through.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The three Republicans who have launched campaigns for the 2024 Indiana governor’s election all say they ended December with about $3 million in the bank.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana schools would see a 6% funding boost next year and textbook fees for public school students would be eliminated under state spending plans announced Wednesday by Gov.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s current secretary of state will be joining a public relations firm that works for state agencies and numerous private companies after she leaves office at the end of December.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb is entering his final two years in office, with several candidates already lining up to take over his Statehouse desk as term limits prevent him from seeking reelection again.
Indiana Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch has formally started her 2024 campaign for governor. She launched her effort Monday and says she won’t shy away from Republican Gov.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A northern Indiana congressional seat will remain vacant until the November election following the death last week of Republican Rep.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A plan for gradually cutting Indiana’s individual income tax rate over the next seven years has been signed into law by Gov.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Senate on Tuesday refused to amend a Republican-backed bill that would ban transgender women and girls from participating in school sports that match their gender identity, putting it on the fast track to passing.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday condemned recent comments made by the state’s attorney general, who alleged that Indiana’s COVID-19 data is inflated and “inaccurate.”
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s governor said Friday that he will take as much time as he needs to decide whether to continue his court fight against a new law giving state legislators more power to intervene during public health emergencies
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A judge has sided with Indiana’s governor in a dispute between top state Republicans over whether he can proceed with a lawsuit challenging the increased power state legislators gave themselves to intervene during public health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana legislators will return to the Statehouse next week for a possible vote to again override the governor’s veto of a bill limiting the broad authority used to impose restrictions around the state during the COVID-19 pandemic.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s governor asked a court Tuesday to block a new law that legislators passed giving themselves more authority to intervene when the state’s chief executive declares an emergency
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers on Wednesday advanced legislation that would make it easier to overturn local health orders or enforcement actions amid ongoing complaints from conservatives about Republican Gov.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s Republican governor has consistently touted face masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus and prominently wears one in his reelection ads, even as President Donald Trump resists their use.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb has been mostly quiet about a proposed hate crimes law that was killed in the Indiana Senate this week.