European Central Bank
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The European Central Bank has raised interest rates for the ninth straight time in its yearlong campaign to stamp out painfully high inflation.
Several of the world’s top central bankers got together, and their message was clear: interest rates are expected to go even higher to combat inflation. U.S.
The head of the International Monetary Fund has praised the European Central Bank’s decision to raise interest rate for the eighth time in a row.
The European Central Bank has pressed ahead with another interest rate hike and is making clear more are on the way.
European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde says inflation pressures are “strong.” She made clear Monday that the central bank will keep raising interest rates to bring down inflation to its goal of 2%.
Proposals for a digital European currency are taking shape. The European Central Bank is finalizing the design of a digital euro that people could use in stores.
The European Central Bank has slowed the pace of its interest rate increases, stepping back like the U.S.
Europe’s painful inflation inched higher last month, extending the squeeze on households and keeping pressure on the European Central Bank to unleash another large interest rate increase.
European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde says future interest rate decisions are open after upheaval in the global banking system has left the economic outlook more uncertain.
The European Central Bank has carried through with a large interest rate increase, brushing aside predictions it might dial back as U.S. bank collapses and troubles at Credit Suisse feed fears about the impact of higher rates on the global banking system.
Inflation has eased only slightly in the 20 countries that use the euro currency as the pain from higher costs for food and fuel persists.
The European Central Bank has hiked interest rates by another half-point and vows a similar hike at its next meeting.
Europe’s inflation rate has dipped at the start of the year, giving some relief to consumers but still leaving them facing higher prices.
Asian stock markets are higher after Wall Street losses deepened as worries grow that the U.S. economy is headed for recession. Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong advanced.
At the stroke of midnight on Saturday, Croatia switched to the shared European currency, the euro, and removed dozens of border checkpoints to join the world’s largest passport-free travel area, completing a dream conceived 30 years ago when it fought a war for independence from Yugoslavia in which
Asian stock markets have slid further amid gloom about weaker global economic growth as central banks raise interest rates to cool inflation.
Asian stock markets have fallen for another day as investors wrestle with fears the U.S. Federal Reserve and European central banks might be willing to cause a recession to crush inflation.
The European Central Bank has slowed its record pace of interest rate increases. But not by much. The bank decided Thursday meeting to hike rates by half a percentage point instead of three-quarters of a point after inflation fell unexpectedly in November.
The head of the European Central Bank says she doesn’t believe inflation has peaked after reaching the highest levels on record.
Sweden’s central bank followed other central banks in undertaking a big increase to its key interest rate to combat inflation.
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde warned Friday that the bank may have to raise interest rates beyond merely withdrawing stimulus and into territory that could restrain growth as the bank fights to control record inflation in the 19 countries that use the eu
It’s looking more like a recession is coming in Europe. That’s the takeaway from a financial stability report that the European Central Bank released Wednesday.
The head of the European Central Bank underlined the bank’s determination to fight rampant inflation with more interest rate increases on top of recent record hikes.
The European Central Bank is warning that many financial institutions are moving too slowly to shield themselves and Europe’s banking system from the impact of climate change.
The European Central Bank has made another outsized interest rate hike aimed at squelching out-of-control inflation, moving at the fastest pace in the euro currency’s history.
Asian stock markets are mixed ahead of an update on the U.S. economy and a European Central Bank meeting that is expected to raise its key interest rate to a 13-year high.
The head of the European Central Bank says the economic outlook “is darkening” and she expects business activity to “slow substantially” in the coming months as high energy and food prices pushed up by the war in Ukraine sap consumer spending power.
The European Central Bank says it will give corporations climate scores before it buys their bonds and intends to prioritize those doing more to reveal and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Asian benchmarks are rising, cheered by gains on Wall Street as comments from the Federal Reserve chairman assured markets on the expected rate rise.