Federal Aviation Administration
Authorities say 11 people aboard a Delta Air Line flight have been taken to the hospital after the plane hit turbulence while heading to Atlanta.
U.S. regulators are requiring immediate inspections of engines on some Airbus jets equipped with engines from Pratt & Whitney.
The Federal Aviation Administration says a passenger jet flying out of Boston’s Logan Airport aborted takeoff this week when another aircraft on the ground got too close to the runway.
Federal officials are looking into another close call between planes, this time in San Diego. The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that it is investigating the incident, which happened Friday.
The Federal Aviation Administration is letting airlines continue to reduce their flights in the New York City area beyond summer and into this fall.
Federal officials say they’re asking the FBI to consider criminal prosecution of nearly two dozen more airline passengers accused of disturbances on flights.
U.S. regulators are warning airlines about a new risk on Boeing 737 Max jets. The Federal Aviation Administration will tell airlines to limit the use of an anti-icing system on Max jets in dry air to avoid overheating engine-housing parts, which could cause them to break away and possibly strike the
The Federal Aviation Administration says it’s setting up a new process for air tour operators in Hawaii to be approved for flight at lower altitudes after numerous fatal crashes in recent years.
Federal investigators say the pilot of a charter jet took off without permission, causing an approaching JetBlue plane to cancel its landing at the last second.
Investigators say a 79-year-old pilot who became incapacitated before his wife took the controls and crash-landed his airplane on Martha’s Vineyard previously had to provide extensive medical documentation to continue flying.
Authorities say a pilot killed when a helicopter crashed in rural southern Illinois was crop-dusting at the time. Forty-one-year-old Donald L.
Authorities say a helicopter has crashed in southern Illinois, killing its pilot. The Federal Aviation Administration says a Bell UH-1H “Huey” helicopter crashed in a field in Oakdale, Illinois, around 1:45 p.m.
Federal officials say they are investigating a recent close call between an airline plane and a private jet that required pilots of both planes to take evasive action.
Officials say a small plane carrying only the pilot crashed in the water off a South Carolina beach popular among tourists.
Authorities say a pilot managed to avoid injury during a rough landing of a small plane at the Laconia Municipal Airport in Gilford, New Hampshire.
Authorities say a pilot and two passengers were killed when a single-engine plane crashed into a hangar and burst into flames at a Southern California airport.
Authorities and visitors at a New Hampshire beach say a small plane towing a banner landed in the ocean nearby.
Nashville International Airport has quietly faced an identity crisis for weeks under a new state law, with no clear agreement about who is in charge.
The Federal Aviation Administration says it’s giving manufacturers more guidance on safety information that they must disclose when seeking certification of new large planes.
Three people were injured when a small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in Massachusetts.
Authorities say a pilot died after a small plane crashed into a field in western Missouri. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office says the crash happened just after 9:30 a.m.
The House has overwhelmingly passed a bill that would give the Federal Aviation Administration more money to hire air traffic controllers.
Congress will vote this week on legislation that will shape the agency responsible for safely managing the nation’s airspace and regulating its airlines.
Authorities say a pilot escaped with only minor injuries after a single-engine plane crashed nose-first into the roof of a hangar at a Southern California airport.
Authorities say six people were killed when a small plane crashed in a field and burst into flames near a Southern California airport.
It will be harder to break into the cockpit on new airline planes. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a final rule Wednesday that will require commercial planes built after mid-2025 to have secondary barriers for extra security when the main cockpit door is open.
Congress will consider rolling back an Obama-era rule that requires airlines to show the total cost of a ticket when advertising fares.
The Federal Aviation Administration has another acting leader at the controls. The White House said Thursday that President Joe Biden picked longtime government official Polly Trottenberg to run the FAA.
Lawmakers who want tougher standards for evacuating aircraft in an emergency have criticized the Federal Aviation Administration for what they consider unrealistic simulations, and now they are calling for a do-over of current evacuation tests.
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The body of the pilot of a small plane that crashed during a fish-spotting trip was recovered Thursday from the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S.