Forced labor
Authorities in Mexico say that police rescued 20 kids ranging from 1 to 17 from an apartment building in the Mexican beach town of Playa del Carmen, where they were forced to work 12 hours per day selling snacks and trinkets on the streets and beaches.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The world’s 20 richest countries are fueling forced labor and account for over half the estimated 50 million people living in “modern slavery,” according to a report released Wednesday.
BOSTON (AP) — Three members of the same family were charged in what federal prosecutors say was a scheme to smuggle Brazilian immigrants into the U.S. to work at two Massachusetts restaurants where they were forced to work long hours and threatened with harm.
BOSTON (AP) — The owner of two Boston pizza shops already facing a forced labor charge for allegedly coercing an employee not legally in the U.S. to work long hours while subjecting him to abuse and threats has been indicted on additional charges, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol is defending his government’s contentious plan to use local funds to compensate Koreans enslaved by Japanese companies before the end of World War II.
South Korea has announced a plan to compensate Koreans who performed forced labor during Tokyo’s colonial rule that doesn’t require Japanese companies to contribute to the reparations.
Walt Disney Co. has removed from its streaming service in Hong Kong an episode from its cartoon series The Simpsons that includes a reference to “forced labor camps” in China.
An ex-convict who obtained millions of dollars by subjecting his daughter’s ex-college roommates to forced labor and prostitution has been sentenced to 60 years in prison.
A British judge has rejected a lawsuit that accused the U.K. government of allowing the import of cotton products associated with forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region.
URBANA, Ill. (AP) — A federal jury has found in favor of a former University of Illinois professor in a lawsuit two women filed accusing him of sexually and emotionally exploiting them when they were his students.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean officials are considering creating a domestic fund to compensate Koreans who were enslaved by Japanese companies before the end of World War II, as they desperately try to repair relations with Tokyo that have deteriorated in recent years over historical grieva
The U.S. government says it will detain all imports of sugar and related products made in the Dominican Republic by the country’s largest sugar producer amid allegations that it uses forced labor.
A subsidiary of French construction company Vinci was handed preliminary charges Wednesday of forced labor and other alleged violations of the rights of migrant workers in Qatar.
French construction company Vinci said on Monday that one of its subsidiaries has been summoned by an investigating judge to answer charges that it did not respect the rights of migrant workers who were hired to build infrastructure for the World Cup in Qatar.
Voters in five states are deciding whether to close loopholes that allowed convict labor as an exception to slavery.
The European Union has unveiled plans to ban products made with forced labor from the 27-nation bloc’s markets.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina woman has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for using verbal, physical and emotional threats to coerce a person to work at her nail salon for nearly two years, according to a federal prosecutor.
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A federal jury convicted on Friday three members of a Virginia family of conspiring to coerce another family member to perform domestic services by verbally assaulting and physically abusing the victim over 12 years, according to a federal prosecutor.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California couple was sentenced Monday to several years each in federal prison for conspiring to force a Guatemalan relative and her two daughters to perform long hours of physically demanding work every day of the week for little or no pay.
A U.S.-based intelligence company says it uncovered a network of more than 600 inauthentic Twitter accounts that spread a positive narrative of China’s far-western Xinjiang region, as Beijing was being accused of human rights abuses and locking up hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs and other ethnic mi
A man who moved into his daughter’s dorm at Sarah Lawrence College and charmed her schoolmates has been convicted of charges that he exploited the close-knit group of friends for power, cash and sex.
NEW YORK (AP) — A jury began deliberating Tuesday in the trial of Lawrence Ray, an ex-convict accused of moving into his daughter’s dorm at Sarah Lawrence College and manipulating her friends into a cult-like devotion to get free labor and millions of dollars.
AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — Three men have been sentenced to federal prison as part of a broad investigation into what authorities said was a wide-ranging conspiracy to bring workers from Central America to the United States for forced labor on south Georgia farms.
Vermont legislators are again taking up a proposed constitutional amendment to make it clear that slavery and indentured servitude are prohibited, as some other states have done.
The Chinese government has denounced a U.S. law that restricts imports from Xinjiang as a violation of international law and dismissed complaints of abuses against mostly Muslim minorities in the region as lies.
President Joe Biden has signed a bill into law to block imports from China’s Xinjiang region unless businesses can prove the items were made without using forced labor.
A court in Madagascar has convicted two French citizens of having plotted a failed coup against President Andry Rajoelina and sentenced them to 10 years and 20 years of forced labor.
China has said it will take unspecified “necessary measures” to safeguard its institutions and enterprises after the U.S.
The Senate has given final approval to a bill barring all imports from China’s Xinjiang region unless businesses can prove they were produced without forced labor.
WAYCROSS, Ga. (AP) — For years, migrant workers who paid for help entering the U.S. ended up forced to perform farm labor for little to no pay, federal authorities say, cowing to threats of deportation and violence by armed overseers while they lived in dirty, cramped trailers with little food or cl