The U.N. chief says in a new report that gang violence in Haiti is escalating and spreading from the capital Port-au-Prince through the center of the country to its two other major cities, Gonaives and Cap-Hatien, with a significant increase in killings, kidnappings and rapes in the past few months.
The president of the Dominican Republic is defending his decision to close air, sea and land traffic with neighboring Haiti in a dispute over construction of a canal targeting a river that runs through both countries.
The Dominican Republic has shut all land, air and sea borders with Haiti in a dispute about construction of a canal on Haitian soil that taps into a shared river, as armed Dominican soldiers patrol entry points and military planes roar overhead.
The Dominican Republic’s president has announced he will close all borders with neighboring Haiti starting Friday in a dispute over a canal on the Haitian side that would divert water from a border river.
Haiti’s government says it has met with Dominican officials in the Dominican Republic to talk about a threat by that country’s president to close all borders in response to a row over the construction of a supposed canal.
The president of the Dominican Republic says he has suspended issuing visas to Haitians, and he is threatening to shut down land, air and sea traffic between the two neighbors over their latest dispute.
The U.N. says 1,860 people have been reported killed, injured or kidnapped in Haiti from April to June.
A judge in Haiti is for the first time interrogating some of the 18 Colombian suspects arrested more than two years ago in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.
The director of Haiti’s National Police is vowing to hold accountable those who encouraged hundreds of parishioners to take up machetes and sticks over the weekend to rid a community of gang members, only to be fatally shot by them.
A powerful gang in Haiti has opened fire on a large group of parishioners led by a pastor as they marched through a community armed with machetes to rid the area of gang members.
Two telecommunication companies in Haiti say their fiber optic cables were severed this week, temporarily leaving customers without service.
A U.S. nurse who was kidnapped in Haiti last month with her young daughter spoke via video this week for the first time since her release.
A team of Kenyan officials is in Haiti to explore how best to help the troubled Caribbean nation fight the scourge of gang violence, following up on Nairobi’s offer to lead a multinational force in the task.
The Dominican Republic has shut down much of the country as Tropical Storm Franklin takes aim at the island of Hispaniola that it shares with Haiti and threatens to unleash landslides and heavy floods.
Tropical Storm Franklin is churning through the Caribbean Sea as authorities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic warn residents to prepare for floods and landslides.
U.N. human rights officials are denouncing what they called the “extreme brutality” of gangs in Haiti as thousands flee several neighborhoods in the country’s capital this week amid a surge in violence.
An ex-police officer considered by many to be Haiti’s most powerful gang leader warns he will fight any international armed force deployed to the Caribbean country if it commits any abuses.
The United Nations chief is urging the international community to deploy a multinational force comprising “police special forces and military support units” to Haiti to combat gangs with sophisticated weapons and restore security to the impoverished Caribbean nation.
A human rights group has urged the international community to intervene quickly to end spiraling violence by gangs in Haiti.
A U.S. nurse who was released by kidnappers in Haiti last week says a Christian song called “See a Victory” became her battle cry after she and her young daughter were abducted.
An aid organization says a U.S. nurse and her young daughter who were kidnapped in Haiti in late July and released this week were not harmed and are healthy.
An aid organization in Haiti says kidnappers have freed a U.S. nurse and her daughter nearly two weeks after they were kidnapped near the capital of Port-au-Prince.
Several thousand people — their faces covered to conceal their identities — marched through Haiti’s capital demanding protection from violent gangs who are pillaging neighborhoods in the capital Port-au-Prince and beyond.
Doctors in Kenya say the bullet wounds that civilians received during opposition protests last month show that most were shot while running from police or trying to surrender.
Haitians are expressing skepticism over an offer by Kenya to lead an international police force aimed at combatting the gang violence that has wracked the Caribbean nation.
The United States is praising Kenya’s interest in leading a multinational force in Haiti. But weeks ago, the U.S. openly warned Kenyan police officers against violent abuses.
The United States says it will draft a UN Security Council resolution that will authorize Kenya to lead a multinational police force to help combat gangs that control much of Haiti’s capital and are spreading through the Caribbean nation.
Aid efforts for Haitians enduring the gang violence ravaging their nation suffered a new blow with the kidnapping of an American nurse from New Hampshire and her daughter, who were still missing Tuesday.
The United Nations chief has welcomed Kenya’s offer to “positively consider” leading a multinational police force to help combat Haiti’s gangs and improve security in the violence-wracked Caribbean nation.
Hundreds of Haitians have marched through the capital, Port-au-Prince, in protest at the reported abduction of an American nurse and her daughter.