Heat waves
The summer of 2023 may be drawing to a close, but the extreme heat is not. More record-shattering temperatures — this time across Texas — are expected Saturday and Sunday as the U.S. continues to bake.
Officials say three people may have died and temperature records have been broken in a Pacific Northwest heat wave.
A hazardous heat wave is expected to bring scorching temperatures to the Pacific Northwest this week, according to the National Weather Service.
In a race against time, multiple organizations are working to save the reef that runs along the Florida Keys during a heat wave that has already led to historic coral bleaching.
A federal judge has temporarily banned California’s capital city of Sacramento from clearing homeless encampments, citing excessive heat.
A zoo outside Athens is feeding animals with frozen meals to help shield them from the searing heat as heat wave temperatures return to Greece.
Floriana Peroni’s vintage clothing store had to close for a week during Europe’s heat wave last month.
A record 31-day streak in Phoenix of daily highs of at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit has ended as the dangerous heat wave that suffocated the Southwest throughout July starts abating with cooling monsoon rains.
As climate change fans hotter and longer heat waves, breaking record temperatures and leaving dozens dead, the poorest Americans suffer the hottest days with the fewest defenses.
Police say at least eight dogs died after air conditioning stopped cooling the back of a van that they were being transported in on their way to a training facility in Indiana as temperatures soared amid an intense heat wave that continued its grip on the country.
When the ocean gets really hot, it’s less refreshing. Earlier this week, sea surface temperatures rose above 100 degrees Fahrenheit at a spot off Florida’s southern tip.
LINDOS, Greece (AP) — As tourists start to trickle back to the Greek island of Rhodes, some people are spending their vacation on empty beaches amongst charred trees and burnt land.
Nearly 200 million people in the United States, or 60% of the U.S. population, are under a heat advisory or flood warning or watch and have been since Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.
Homeless in America’s hottest big metro, Stefon James Dewitt Livengood counts on his neighbors in a sprawling downtown tent city to stay safe as temperatures soared over 110 degrees Fahrenheit every day this month.
With heat waves spreading across the United States, President Joe Biden has announced new steps to protect workers, improve weather forecasts and make drinking water more accessible.
Health officials in America’s hottest big metro are reporting that another seven heat-associated deaths were confirmed over the last week amid a blistering heat wave.
Longtime Phoenix residents know that sweltering Julys are to be expected, but no one could have predicted the brutal heat wave that has enveloped the country’s fifth largest city this summer.
A third successive heat wave in Greece pushed temperatures back above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) across parts of the country following more nighttime evacuations from fires that have raged out of control for days.
Climate change’s sweaty fingerprints are all over the July heat waves gripping much of the globe. A new study finds these intense and deadly hot spells in the American Southwest and Southern Europe could not have occurred without it.
Additional evacuations are needed as fires rage on the Greek island of Rhodes, tearing past defenses. They’re fueled by strong winds and successive heat waves.
A firefighting plane has crashed in southern Greece, killing both crew members, as authorities are battling fires across the country amid a return of heat wave temperatures.
Authorities in southern Nevada say two women have been found dead after hiking in a state park. The Nevada State Parks did not release any details Sunday on the hikers’ identities or a possible cause of death.
CALEXICO, Calif. (AP) — People withered in blistering heat on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, where temperatures hit a scorching highs this week and many got little relief from the sun.
Associated Press photographer Matt York, who has covered Arizona for 23 years, recently was caught off guard by the heat wave that has shattered records in Phoenix.
The intense heat hitting much of the globe keeps on coming. Greece is baking under yet another heat wave, farmers in Vermont are picking up the pieces after extreme flash floods, and the U.S. southwest continues to sizzle in record heat.
For four years, The Associated Press’ global climate and environment news director, Peter Prengaman, has lived in Phoenix.
Some Florida Keys coral reefs are losing their color weeks earlier than normal this summer because of record-high water temperatures.
Climate-stoked extreme weather events are tumbling one upon another around the globe. A landslide triggered by torrential rains in India’s western Maharashtra state killed at least 10 people, with many others feared trapped under debris.
A Croatian firefighter has died during a deadly storm that swept the Balkans after a heat wave, raising the death toll to six.
A tornado has heavily damaged a major Pfizer pharmaceutical plant in North Carolina — the latest in a string of extreme weather events plaguing the U.S.