Hollywood strikes
Late-night talk shows were the first to be affected when the strike began, and may be among the first to return to air now.
Actors, who joined the writers on strike in July, have their own issues but there have been no discussions about resuming negotiations with their union yet.
A new poll shows that Americans are much more sympathetic to Hollywood’s striking writers and actors then they are to the studios on the other side of the table.
Hollywood studios and striking screenwriters have spent a second full day in talks that could potentially put an end to the nearly five-month dispute that has brought many film and television productions to a halt.
It’s been nearly five months since the Hollywood writers strike began and more than two months since actors joined them. Soon, the walkouts could break historic records.
The key players in the two strikes that brought Hollywood to a halt include little-known leaders, labor lawyers and entertainment tycoons.
Bill Maher has delayed returning to his HBO talk show during the ongoing strike by writers and actors, a decision following similar pauses in the past few days by “The Drew Barrymore Show,” “The Talk” and “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”
Drew Barrymore, who drew criticism for taping new episodes of her daytime talk show despite the ongoing writers and actors strikes, now says she’ll wait until the labor issues are resolved.
“The Drew Barrymore Show” will begin airing fresh episodes on Monday but a lot of off-air controversy will be clinging to its typically bubbly host.
Contract talks that could end Hollywood’s writers strike are set to resume next week. The alliance that represents studios, streaming services and production companies said in a statement Thursday that they had reached out to leaders of the writers union, and the two sides agreed to resume negotiati
The National Book Awards have dropped Drew Barrymore as the host for this year’s ceremony, a day after her talk show taped its first episode since the Hollywood writers strike began.
Two spinoffs of “The Walking Dead” and the next season of “Interview With the Vampire” will be resuming production despite the Hollywood strikes after reaching a deal with the actors’ union.
Hollywood crew members are turning to nonprofits like the Entertainment Community Fund for assistance as they have also lost work during the writer and actors strikes.
The cast of “Breaking Bad” has reunited to call upon Hollywood studios to resume negotiations with striking screen actors.
It’s been more than 100 days since members of the Writers Guild of America stopped working and more than a month since the actors union joined them.
Hollywood productions and promotional tours around the world have been put on indefinite hold as actors and writers are on strike against big studios and streaming services.
Fran Drescher says the strike she’s leading as head of the actors union is a huge moment for both Hollywood and the world of work beyond it.
Actors Kerry Washington and Martin Sheen have delivered rousing speeches celebrating labor unity at a rally for striking Hollywood actors and writers and other workers supporting them.
Normally, the weeks heading up to Friday’s release of the DC film “Blue Beetle” would be a triumphant, celebratory time for its filmmakers and Latino-led cast.
A world of hair, makeup and manicurists have been idled by the Hollywood strikes at a time when they were still rebuilding from the covid shutdowns.
The guild that represents striking film and television screenwriters says negotiations with major studios and streaming services will resume Friday.
The Hollywood writers strike has reached the 100-day mark, matching the length of the landmark 2007-2008 strike.
The actors and writers strikes have resulted in most Hollywood film and television productions being shut down, from the “Gladiator” sequel to the live action “Lilo & Stitch.”
Union leaders told have told striking Hollywood writers that they plan to meet with representatives for studios to discuss restarting negotiations.
The co-star of the CBS sitcom “The Neighborhood” is urging the studios and their CEOs to return to the bargaining table two weeks into the Hollywood actors strike.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom has offered to help negotiate an end to the strikes that have hobbled Hollywood. Writers have been on strike since May.
SAG-AFTRA held its largest and most star-studded rally yet on Tuesday in Times Square. Their picket sign-waving show of solidary hit 12 days into the actors strike and a day after a Variety reporter questioned the lack of A-listers.
You don’t know their names but you might recognize their faces. Hollywood’s “journeyman” actors tend to work for scale pay, and spend at least as much time lining up work as working.
Getting control of the use of artificial intelligence is a central issue in the current strikes of Hollywood’s actors and writers.
Luca Guadagnino’s “Challengers,” starring Zendaya, has been pulled from the Venice Film Festival, where it was to be the opening night film, due to the actors strike.