In vitro fertilization
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee’s strict abortion ban does not apply to the disposal of fertilized human embryos that haven’t been transferred to a uterus, according to a recent state attorney general opinion.
The publisher of a controversial new textbook in Poland says it is removing a passage on human fertility that many interpreted as being about in vitro fertilization and which caused widespread offense.
France’s lower house of parliament has approved a law that will allow single women and lesbians access to medically assisted reproduction for the first time.
PARIS (AP) — Several thousand conservative activists of all ages marched through Paris on Sunday to protest a French bill that would give lesbian couples and single women access to in vitro fertilization and related procedures.
PARIS (AP) — Single women and lesbians in France no longer would have to go abroad to get pregnant with a doctor’s help under a proposed law that would give them access to medically assisted reproduction at home for the first time.
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — In a story July 8 about an in vitro fertilization benefit program for injured veterans, The Associated Press erroneously reported the number of times Crystal Wilson and her husband conceived through the Veterans Administration benefit program.
University Hospitals, plaintiffs’ lawyers settle dispute; restraining order dropped

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A plaintiff’s attorney has withdrawn his request for a restraining order after attorneys for University Hospitals agreed to stop offering out-of-court settlements to patients who had sued the hospital after their frozen eggs and embryos were no longer viable due to a temperature fl
Many of them had already endured their share of heartache. Some had been trying for years to get pregnant, suffering through multiple miscarriages.
LINCOLN — A bill to require insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization procedures sparked a lengthy debate between some senators and an opponent of the bill at a legislative hearing Monday.
HONOLULU (AP) — Sean Smith and his husband paid more than $20,000 for a fertility procedure when they decided to have a child using a surrogate mother.