A U.S.-backed Syrian force has declared its operations in eastern Syria completed after almost two weeks of fighting with local tribesmen left dozens of people dead.
Witnesses and local officials say that demonstrations in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk over the handover of a key facility from federal to local Kurdish authorities has turned violent and one protester was killed and several were injured.
In recent weeks, Lebanon’s sharply divided political and religious leaders have come together to fight the LGBTQ+ community.
An Iraqi criminal court has convicted five men and sentenced them to life in prison in the killing of a U.S. citizen in Baghdad last year.
Syrian opposition activists and pro-government media say Arab tribesmen have clashed with U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters in several areas of eastern Syria, leaving at least 10 people dead and others wounded.
The French military says a French soldier serving alongside Iraqi forces was killed in combat during an anti-terrorist operation north of Baghdad.
A Munich court has sentenced a German woman who was a member of the Islamic State group to 14 years in prison for allowing a 5-year-old Yazidi girl she and her husband kept as a slave in Iraq to die of thirst in the sun.
Iran and Iraq have reached an agreement to disarm members of Iranian Kurdish dissident groups based in northern Iraq and relocate their members from their current bases.
Syrian opposition activists say clashes have broken out between two U.S.-backed groups in eastern Syria, leaving three gunmen dead.
A Turkish airstrike in northern Iraq has killed three members of an outlawed Kurdish insurgent group.
Turkey’s foreign minister has denounced the separatist Kurdish Workers Party, or PKK, which operates in northern Iraqi territory, as an enemy of both Turkey and Iraq.
Britain’s security minister has pledged more U.K. support for Iraq’s security forces in combatting drug production and trafficking.
Iraqi and United Nations officials have marked the 20th anniversary of a deadly attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad.
A Lebanese Shiite cleric who has angered politicians and religious leaders in Lebanon and Iraq says that groups including Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah are trying to silence voices of dissent within the sect — including his own.
U.N. experts say the Islamic State group still commands between 5,000 and 7,000 members across its former stronghold in Syria and Iraq and its fighters pose the most serious terrorist threat in Afghanistan today.
Syrian opposition activists say gunmen have ambushed a bus carrying Syrian soldiers in the country’s east, killing at least 20 and wounding others.
Turkey’s defense ministry says a spate of attacks by Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq killed at least six Turkish soldiers.
President Joe Biden has praised leaders from both parties for unifying behind veterans a year ago, when they joined in passing the largest expansion of veterans benefits in decades.
The United Nations’ human rights chief has warned that Iraq’s water crisis could affect other countries in the region. U.N.
An Iraqi airline says it’s not to blame for a bear’s escape from a crate in the cargo hold of one of its planes in Dubai.
A feud between two prominent Christian leaders has divided believers of the faith in Iraq. The dispute involves a Vatican-appointed cardinal and a militia leader, with land and influence at the core of the drama.
The Islamic State group has announced the death of its little-known leader, Abu al-Hussein al-Husseini al-Qurayshi, who headed the extremist organization since November.
Britain’s government has formally declared that atrocities committed by the Islamic State group against the Yazidi people in Iraq were acts of genocide. The U.K.
Power was cut off in large swaths of southern and central Iraq during scorching summer heat and observances of the Shiite holy day of Ashoura after a fire broke out at a power station in the southern city of Basra.
Kurdish-led armed groups in Iraq and Syria allege that Turkish airstrikes killed a total of eight fighters Friday.
Millions of Shiite Muslims in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and around the world are commemorating Ashoura.
Dozens of people have protested in front of the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad and bank owners called for official action to stem a sharp increase in the dollar exchange rate.
Hundreds of protesters have attempted to storm Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, which houses foreign embassies and the seat of Iraq’s government, following reports of the burning of a Quran by a ultranationalist group in front of the Iraqi Embassy in Copenhagen.
Thousands of people took to the streets in a handful of Muslim-majority countries to express their outrage at the desecration of a copy of the Quran in Sweden.
Protesters angered by an Iraqi man in Sweden who threatened to burn a copy of the Quran stormed the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad.