Hundreds of people have gathered in central London to mark the anniversary of the death of Mahsa Amini.
Clashes have resumed at the largest refugee camp in Lebanon between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah group and Islamic groups, killing three people and wounding 10 others.
Clashes have resumed in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, with heavy gunfire and shelling wounding at least 20 people.
Tunisian officials have detained a former prime minister for questioning then freed him hours later.
The future of a program in Niger that encourages jihadi fighters to defect and reintegrate into society is unclear after mutinous soldiers toppled the government that launched it.
Burkina Faso’s military says that more than 50 security forces were killed during intense fighting with jihadis in the north of the country.
Syria’s U.S.-backed and Kurdish-led forces are pushing deeper into the last stronghold of Arab tribesmen who have taken up arms against them in eastern Syria.
Police in Sweden say clashes have erupted in an immigrant neighborhood in the third largest city after an anti-Muslim protester set fire to a copy of the Quran.
Witnesses and local officials say that demonstrations in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk over the handover of a key facility from federal to local Kurdish authorities has turned violent and one protester was killed and several were injured.
The Muslim call to prayer will ring out more freely in New York City under guidelines announced by Mayor Eric Adams.
The Nigerian army says its troops have rescued dozens of captives mostly women and children held by Islamic extremist rebels in the country’s northeastern region where jihadi violence has raged for years.
Syrian opposition activists say clashes have broken out between two U.S.-backed groups in eastern Syria, leaving three gunmen dead.
A Turkish airstrike in northern Iraq has killed three members of an outlawed Kurdish insurgent group.
Pakistani authorities have handed out $6,800 to each of the nearly 100 Christian families whose homes were destroyed or damaged by a Muslim mob angered over an alleged desecration of the Quran last week.
Swedish police have detained a woman who sprayed an anti-Islam activist with a fire extinguisher as he staged a Quran-burning protest outside the Iranian Embassy in Stockholm.
Sweden has raised its terror alert to the second-highest level. The move comes after a string of public desecrations of the Quran sparked angry demonstrations across Muslim countries and threats from militant groups.
Police in eastern Pakistan have arrested 129 Muslims after a mob angered over an alleged desecration of a Quran by two men attacked more than a dozen churches and homes of minority Christians.
Police say a Muslim mob has attacked a Christian area in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province, burning a church, damaging four others and demolishing a man’s house after accusing him of desecrating Islam’s holy book.
A senior Swedish official says Swedes abroad and businesses linked to Sweden “should observe increased vigilance and caution,” following recent Quran burnings in the country and protests in the Muslim world.
A gunman has opened fire at a prominent shrine in southern Iran, killing one person and wounding eight others.
Malaysian state elections have ended in a return to the status quo, with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s government and the Islamist opposition each retaining control of three states as expected.
In the past two weeks, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has zig-zagged across the country on an election campaign that pitched the appeal of political stability and his concept of a progressive government.
Iran has begun registering candidates for parliamentary elections in March, which will be the first since nationwide protests rocked the country last year.
Kashmir’s top pro-India politician says the disputed region lacks democracy four years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling Hindu nationalist party stripped its statehood.
The United Nations says damage to the school complex in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp from clashes between factions could delay the start of the school year for some 6,000 children.
As several European countries evacuate Niger following a coup, the United States seems intent on staying.
Iran’s foreign minister has urged Pakistan to complete its part of a much-delayed gas pipeline between the two countries, a multi-billion project that has been on hold since 2014.
Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister has demanded an end to the volatile clashes in the country’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, warning that troops may have to intervene if the deadly violence doesn’t stop.
Heavy clashes have resumed in a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon, ending a cease-fire there following a day of relative calm.
A Turkish employee of the Swedish Consulate in Izmir in western Turkey is recovering in a hospital after being injured in a gun attack at the office in the port city.