King Charles III
A judge in London has allowed Prince Harry’s lawsuit against the publisher of The Sun tabloid to go to trial on claims the newspaper used unlawful methods to gather information about him.
The U.K. Treasury says the amount of public funding for King Charles III and the royal family’s official duties has been recalculated for next year because of an unexpected profit boost from offshore wind farms on the monarch’s Crown Estate.
It was Scotland on parade. Bagpipes, kilts, drums and a Shetland pony named Corporal Cruachan IV marched down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to honor King Charles III.
Royal accounts show that a change in monarchs, double-digit inflation and ongoing costs of renovating Buckingham Palace contributed to a 5% increase in publicly funded spending by Britain’s royals.
King Charles III has claimed his first Royal Ascot winner as the reigning monarch. The king watched the race from the Royal Enclosure alongside Queen Camilla and they saw Desert Hero win by a short head in the King George V Stakes.
King Charles III has taken part in his first Trooping the Color ceremony as U.K. monarch. He inspected hundreds of soldiers and horses in a spectacular annual military display at central London’s Horse Guards Parade.
London’s top police officer has defended the department from complaints of a heavy-handed response to protesters during the coronation of King Charles III.
An anti-monarchy group says it plans to take legal action against London’s Metropolitan Police after several of its members were arrested as they prepared to protest the coronation of King Charles III.
King Charles III rested on the third day of his long coronation weekend. Monday was, after all, a holiday declared in honor of his crowning and he had spent several whirlwind days of elaborately choreographed public festivities capped with an off-the-cuff cameo on “American Idol.”
If one thread ran throughout the festivities marking the coronation of King Charles III, it was the idea of public service.
A day after a gilded coronation ceremony watched by millions, King Charles III and Queen Camilla had a much more relaxing time Sunday as they took in a concert featuring Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and others at Windsor Castle.
Prince Harry arrived at his father’s coronation alone and he left alone. The disgruntled Duke of Sussex sat two rows behind his brother, Prince William, heir to the throne, in the pomp-filled ceremony Saturday at Westminster Abbey.
First lady Jill Biden says it was “just amazing” to be able to witness the coronation of Britain’s King Charles III in person.
King Charles III was crowned at Westminster Abbey, receiving the bejeweled St. Edward’s Crown in a ceremony built on ancient tradition at a time when the monarchy is striving to remain relevant in a fractured modern Britain.
LONDON (AP) — A horse-drawn golden carriage. The sound of choristers and trumpeters filling Westminster Abbey.
London’s police force says officers made a total of 52 arrests on coronation day, with people being detained for alleged offenses including disrupting public order and conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.
An Associated Press reporter attended the coronation of King Charles III — although she didn’t see much.
LONDON (AP) — What does one wear to a coronation?

For senior royals like Queen Camilla and Kate, the Princess of Wales, the theme was pale, subdued dresses to let their regal robes and glittering jewelry do the talking.
LONDON (AP) — Now that she has been crowned alongside her husband, King Charles III’s wife is officially known as Queen Camilla.
King Charles III’s coronation is a chance to unite people with the history and pageantry of the monarchy, but those traditions are also full of potential controversies as he tries to show that the monarchy still has a role to play in modern Britain.
King Charles III’s coronation Saturday will mix a thousand-year tradition with the streaming age.

The pomp and ceremony will be unmissable for U.K. residents, but what about royal watchers across the Atlantic?
King Charles III lives in a palace, travels in a chauffeur-driven Bentley and is one of Britain’s richest men, but he’s similar to many of his subjects in one very basic way.
Great Britain’s royal family turns the page on a new chapter with the coronation of King Charles III.
First lady Jill Biden is in London for the coronation of King Charles III. President Joe Biden sent his wife to represent the United States at Saturday’s coronation.
Kings Charles III has surprised a crowd of people assembled outside Buckingham Palace awaiting his coronation.
LIVERPOOL, England (AP) — Liverpool will play the national anthem before the start of its Premier League game on Saturday to mark the coronation of King Charles III and acknowledged Friday that “some supporters have strong views on it.”
LONDON (AP) — When King Charles III is crowned on Saturday, soldiers carrying flags from the Bahamas, South Africa, Tuvalu and beyond will march alongside British troops in a spectacular military procession in honor of the monarch.
Prince William has poured a pint of ale and taken a ride on the London subway with his wife Kate as part of a royal ramble before King Charles III’s coronation.
It might just be the coolest caption in newspaper history: “AP Wirephoto via jet bomber from London”
There will be dissenters among the cheering crowds when King Charles III travels by gilded coach to his coronation.