The International Monetary Fund has warned that Lebanon is still facing enormous economic challenges, four years after the country’s historic meltdown began.
Lebanese state media say that clashes have intensified in the country’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, leaving at least five people dead and more than a dozen wounded.
A Palestinian man who had fled Lebanon more than three decades ago seeking safety and a better future in Libya was killed in the flooding this week along with his wife and two daughters.
The Lebanese army says two land mines exploded along the Lebanon-Syria border wounding three Syrians trying to illegally cross into Lebanon.
The United States has slapped terrorism sanctions on a family network of seven individuals and businesses in Lebanon and South America accused of financing the militant group Hezbollah, including a Lebanese man who officials say was involved in two deadly attacks in Argentina in the 1990s.
A top Hamas leader arrived in Beirut to push for an end to clashes in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp that resumed despite multiple cease-fire agreements.
An “immediate and lasting cease-fire” has been declared after a top Lebanese general met with officials from rival Palestinian factions, following days of fighting in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, which left has left six people dead and more than 50 wounded.
Islamist factions in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp say they will abide by a cease-fire after three days of clashes killed at least five people and left hundreds of families displaced.
Clashes have resumed at the largest refugee camp in Lebanon between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah group and Islamic groups, killing three people and wounding 10 others.
Lebanese judicial officials say authorities in Beirut have questioned two people at Turkey’s request on suspicion of being involved in the 2019 escape of auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn from Japan to Lebanon.
Clashes have resumed in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, with heavy gunfire and shelling wounding at least 20 people.
Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister is warning that Syrian refugees could become a threat to the small Mediterranean nation’s delicate demographic and sectarian balance.
In recent weeks, Lebanon’s sharply divided political and religious leaders have come together to fight the LGBTQ+ community.
A senior U.S. envoy visiting Beirut says Washington is looking into possibilities for solving a decades-old border dispute between Lebanon and Israel.
The U.N. Security Council has approved a resolution demanding that the Lebanese military and Hezbollah stop blocking the movement of the U.N. peacekeeping force and guarantee its freedom to operate, “including by allowing announced and unannounced patrols.”
The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees has appealed for $15.5 million to respond to the fallout of clashes in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp earlier this month.
Judicial officials say two Russian citizens who were recently detained in Beirut on suspicion of spying for Israel were referred to an investigative military judge who issued arrest warrants for them.
Prominent Lebanese journalist Talal Salman who founded one of the country’s largest Arabic-language independent newspapers has died after a long illness.
Lebanon’s interim central bank governor has called on the country’s ruling class to quickly implement economic and financial reforms that the central bank won’t offer loans to the state and does not plan on printing money to cover the huge budget deficit to avoid worsening inflation.
Air traffic controllers at Lebanon’s only civilian airport say they are badly understaffed and are planning to go on strike next month.
Carlos Ghosn, the former rock star businessman who fell from grace and fled authorities smuggled in a music instrument box, is getting what his dramatic story deserves — a multi-part Apple TV+ documentary series.
Lebanon’s political elites are pushing a recovery plan for the country’s financial collapse that would allow them to sidestep tough reforms demanded by the International Monetary Fund.
Lebanon’s state news agency says a Syrian citizen suspected of being behind a deadly bombing near the Syrian capital last month that killed and wounded dozens committed suicide when gunmen tried to detain him in a Beirut suburb.
A Lebanese Shiite cleric who has angered politicians and religious leaders in Lebanon and Iraq says that groups including Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah are trying to silence voices of dissent within the sect — including his own.
The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees says it has decided to suspend all of its services in Lebanon’s largest refugee camp for a day in protest against the presence of gunmen in its facilities.
Two weeks after clashes between armed factions in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp ended, militants are still occupying a United Nations-run school complex, U.N. officials have said.
The United States has imposed sanctions on a Lebanese environmental organization accused of being an arm of the militant group Hezbollah.
Lebanese Cabinet ministers say an offshore drilling rig has arrived at its destination in the Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon’s coast and will start its search for gas in the coming weeks.
Lebanon’s interim central bank governor has frozen the accounts of the banks embattled former chief and close relatives and associates.
Libya’s judicial authorities have formally asked Lebanon’s prosecutor general to release one of Moammar Gadhafi’s sons, who has been held without charges in Lebanon since 2015.