Lenny Wilkens
Red Auerbach. Lenny Wilkens. Don Nelson. Going back to the end of the NBA’s inaugural season 75 years ago, before it was even called the NBA, they’re the only coaches to hold the distinction of having more wins than anyone else.
March 19

1942 — The Thoroughbred Racing Associations of the United States is formed, with John C. Clark president.

Officially, NBA players began participating in games that were scheduled to celebrate and honor the life of Dr.
Oct. 31

1948 — Sammy Baugh of Washington passes for 446 yards and four touchdowns and Dan Sandifer has four interceptions including two for touchdowns as the Redskins beat the Boston Yanks 56-21.
Jan. 13

1962 — Wilt Chamberlain scores an NBA regulation-game record 73 points to lead the Philadelphia Warriors to a 135-117 triumph over the Chicago Packers.