Lives Lost
LONDON (AP) — Rabbi Avrohom Pinter gave his life to save his neighbors.

When the British government ordered a lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus, Pinter went door-to-door in northeast London to deliver the public health warning to the ultra-Orthodox Jews in his community.
The coronavirus pandemic’s global toll is often talked about as a number - 2,000 dead. 15,000. 50,000. 100,000, and ever growing.
For family and friends, Lydia Nunez always had jokes, hugs and lots of love.

She was the “glue” that brought people together, the one who remembered birthdays, spoiled her nieces and nephews and brought a spark to any room she entered.
During a recent procession for three Seneca women who died of COVID-19, community members lined the streets.
For five decades, Yassin Abdel-Wareth was one of a handful of epidemiologists in Yemen, traveling across the impoverished country to hunt for disease outbreaks that are as endemic as armed conflicts in the Middle East’s poorest nation.
ARMAÇÃO DE BÚZIOS, Brazil (AP) — Carivaldina Oliveira da Costa was the steward of history in her Brazilian community on the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro state, and for two decades fought for their land rights as descendants of escaped slaves.
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — She had all the makings of a rising star, someone who wrote, directed and acted in her own plays in her 20s and attended one of the country’s top drama schools around the same time as Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver.
PHOENIX (AP) — Carlos Manuel Sandoval lived for decades in Phoenix on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, but he never stopped hearing the siren call of his birthplace — Guaymas, Mexico.
TANAUAN, Philippines (AP) — He was heralded in the Philippines as the country’s youngest COVID-19 survivor, a baby who’d become infected with and conquered the coronavirus during his first 16 days of life.
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Dr. Murat Dilmener sometimes bent hospital rules in Istanbul to ensure patients without health insurance got the treatment they needed.
LONDON (AP) — The best referees are largely invisible, maintaining order unobtrusively and letting the players decide the game.
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Yurancy Castillo did not want to leave her family.

But as inflation in Venezuela soared, rendering her salary as a social worker nearly worthless, the young woman known for her beaming smile and wild amber-colored curls decided her future rested far away, in Peru.
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Michael Robert Marampe knew what he wanted to be since he was a kid: a doctor and a pianist.
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Clarence Mini’s life was marked by battles against formidable foes. The South African doctor fought apartheid — receiving his medical training in exile — the government’s denial of HIV/AIDS and rampant corruption.
NEW YORK (AP) — Right up to the end, the status message on Saadya Ehrenpreis’ WhatsApp profile read: “Having the time of my life.”
NEW YORK (AP) — Priya Khanna may have been destined to practice medicine all along, and not necessarily because she grew up in a family of doctors.
BOSTON (AP) — After Hurricane Irene sent flood waters raging through the tiny town of Wilmington, Vermont, in 2011, residents responded the way they always had.
In her 80s, Phyllis Antonetz moved to a new state, quickly settling in and volunteering at a school.
Emilio DiPalma was, as he liked to say, just a kid from western Massachusetts when he found himself in a front-row seat to history as a courtroom guard in Nuremberg, Germany, during the first and most famous trial of Nazi war criminals in 1945.
Each of their stories was different, but common strains repeat: Of humility and generosity; of finding joy in the unpretentious; of a sharp mind disappearing into fog or a hale body betrayed by age.
At funerals, he made the organ moan, and at weddings, it thundered in joy. On Christmas, bells twinkled; on Easter, trumpets blasted.
TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — With the Nazis murdering Jews and ransacking their property outside on the infamous nights of Kristallnacht in 1938, 13-year-old David Toren sat in the sunroom of his wealthy great-uncle in Germany admiring a favorite painting depicting two men on horseback on a beach.
NEW YORK (AP) — The brothers didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.

As young Polish Jews, each came out of World War II with scars that forever shaped how they viewed the world, and each other.
Across the world, the devastation caused by the coronavirus is told in the voices of those left behind.
SEATTLE (AP) — Tomas Lopez didn’t make the food he sold from his family’s bright green taco truck, but it was his face the customers knew.
BAHTIM, Egypt (AP) — Gold and silver streamers fluttered in the breeze, hung from house to house down the alley, a festive sign of the holy month of Ramadan.
LISBON, Portugal (AP) — After Adolf Hitler annexed his native Austria and Allied bombs laid waste to Vienna, Hannelore Cruz traveled to Portugal without her parents as a refugee from hunger, cold and postwar deprivation.
ROME (AP) — Every October, on the feast day of the patron saint of physicians, Dr. Roberto Stella organized a simple ceremony at a tiny church in northern Italy to honor Italian doctors who had died that year in the line of service.
BOSTON (AP) — Before her double-lung transplant, Joanne Mellady could barely put on a shirt without losing her breath. Afterwards, she barely stopped moving.
LONDON (AP) — During a pandemic, heroes wear scrubs.

Amged El-Hawrani was one of them, a doctor who went to work every day as the coronavirus took hold even though he might be exposed, risking his own life to treat patients at a hospital in central England.