Migrant workers
The World Cup 2010 in South Africa had Shakira. The 1998 tournament in France had Ricky Martin. The unofficial soundtrack of the World Cup in Qatar is fast becoming the incessant chanting of street marshals, better knows as Last Mile Marshals.
DOHA, Qatar (AP) — The Netherlands is not expected to emulate Germany by making a gesture to protest host nation Qatar’s human rights record before Friday’s World Cup game against Ecuador.
FIFA president Gianni Infantino has delivered a one-hour tirade on the eve of the World Cup’s opening match and then spent about 45 minutes answering questions from media about the Qatari government’s actions and a wide range of other topics.
DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Qatar coach Felix Sanchez says criticism of the World Cup host will not be allowed to destabilize his team.
Normally when the World Cup comes around, Germans happily wave their country’s flag and enthusiastically back their team. Not this time.
LEVERKUSEN, Germany (AP) — Bayer Leverkusen became the latest Bundesliga club to criticize the World Cup in Qatar by describing the decision to award the tournament to the country as “scandalous” on Tuesday.
The U.S. Soccer Federation is using a rainbow version of its crest at the Americans’ World Cup training facility in Doha, Qatar.
Manchester United duo Bruno Fernandes and Christian Eriksen have both questioned the decision to stage the World Cup in Qatar after playing their last Premier League game before the tournament.
Former Germany captain Philipp Lahm says it was “a mistake” to award the World Cup to Qatar. Lahm is the head of Germany’s organizing committee for the 2024 European Championship.
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The Dutch World Cup squad will meet a group of migrant workers in Qatar after a training session there ahead of the team’s first match as part of the Dutch soccer federation’s push to promote human rights at the tournament.
MANCHESTER, England (AP) — England coach Gareth Southgate doesn’t expect his players to refrain from speaking up about issues regarding human rights during the World Cup in Qatar.
The outspoken CEO of Qatar Airways has lashed out at critics of his country hosting the upcoming FIFA World Cup, saying his nation will “always rub salt into the wound” of its adversaries.
A subsidiary of French construction company Vinci was handed preliminary charges Wednesday of forced labor and other alleged violations of the rights of migrant workers in Qatar.
French construction company Vinci said on Monday that one of its subsidiaries has been summoned by an investigating judge to answer charges that it did not respect the rights of migrant workers who were hired to build infrastructure for the World Cup in Qatar.
MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines lifted a ban on the deployment of workers, including maids and construction workers, to Saudi Arabia on Monday after steps were taken to reduce frequent abuses, officials said.
European nations, including England, are pushing FIFA for “concrete answers” on issues relating to migrant workers ahead of the World Cup.
Soccer’s top officials have urged the 32 teams preparing for the most political World Cup in the modern to focus on the game in Qatar and avoid handing out lessons in morality.
Authorities in Qatar have acknowledged that three firefighters died last week during what officials say was a routine exercise unrelated to the upcoming World Cup.
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — A Dutch supermarket chain on Wednesday scrapped a television advertisement linked to this year’s World Cup in Qatar that included scenes showing people dancing on scaffolding at a building site.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Thousands of goals scored in Danish soccer in November will raise money for migrant workers who helped build World Cup projects in Qatar, Denmark’s soccer federation said on Monday.
Qatar has summoned the German ambassador over remarks by Germany’s interior minister, who appeared to criticize the decision to award the World Cup to the Gulf Arab nation because of its human rights record.
BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — The Australian men’s soccer team has issued a three-minute video highlighting Qatar’s human rights record, including its treatment of foreign workers and restrictions on the LGBTQI+ community, and demanding genuine reform as a legacy of the Gulf country’s staging of the Wo
Qatar’s ruling emir has lashed out at criticism of his country over its hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, describing it as an “unprecedented campaign” targeting the first Arab nation to hold the tournament.
In nearly every corner of the globe, people are spending more on food and fuel, rent and transportation. But inflation isn’t affecting people equally.
The first World Cup in the Middle East is only one month away. Qatar has been on an often bumpy 12-year journey that has transformed the nation.
Fox plans to avoid coverage of Qatar’s controversial treatment of migrant workers during World Cup broadcasts, much as it didn’t address criticism of Russia’s government during the 2018 tournament.
A top FIFA official says it wants to help workers in Qatar get compensation for being injured while building projects for the World Cup.
Paris has decided against broadcasting World Cup matches on giant screens in public fan zones amid concerns over rights violations of migrant workers and the environmental impact of the tournament in Qatar.
Denmark will wear team jerseys at the World Cup that protest the human rights record of host nation Qatar.
GENEVA (AP) — The head of the World Trade Organization said Tuesday the benefits of working with FIFA to create more jobs in Africa outweighed concerns about the controversies around Qatar hosting soccer’s World Cup this year.