Milos Zeman
Over the past 10 years, Czech President Milos Zeman has courted controversy. He sought a referendum on whether his country should leave the European Union, targeted migrants and joked about killing journalists.
PRAGUE (AP) — Czechs have started voting for a new president, with populist billionaire Andrej Babis leading a field of eight candidates in a two-day election to succeed Milos Zeman in the largely ceremonial post.
Populist billionaire Andrej Babis is leading a field of eight candidates hoping to succeed Milos Zeman in the largely ceremonial but prestigious post of the Czech president.
Populist billionaire Andrej Babis has announced his intention to run for the largely ceremonial post of the Czech Republic’s president.
PRAGUE (AP) — Qatar’s emir paid his first visit to the Czech Republic on Wednesday for business talks expected to include a potential deal for deliveries of Qatari liquefied natural gas.
Czech President Milos Zeman says he is ready to veto, if it’s approved by parliament, proposed legislation that would give same-sex couples in the country the right to hold civil weddings.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shocked the former Soviet satellite states of Central and Eastern Europe, drawing strong condemnation even from the region’s most pro-Kremlin politicians.
PRAGUE (AP) — A new coalition government took office in the Czech Republic on Friday, with the coronavirus pandemic and soaring inflation presenting immediate policy challenges.
The president of the Czech Republic is set to swear in the country’s new government on Friday. The prime minister-designate Petr Fiala on Monday announced President Milos Zeman’s decision after visiting the head of state at the presidential chateaux in Lany, west of Prague.
PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech president on Sunday swore in Petr Fiala as the country’s new prime minister following last month’s parliamentary election.
Coronavirus infections in the Czech Republic have jumped to a new record high in a surge that hit the country’s president and has delayed the appointment of the new prime minister.
Czech President Milos Zeman has been readmitted to hospital after he tested positive for COVID-19, just hours after he had been discharged following more than a month’s treatment for an unspecified illness.
The president of the Czech Republic is set to swear in the country’s new prime minister on Nov 26. The candidate for the post, Petr Fiala, announced President Milos Zeman’s decision after visiting the head of state in hospital on Wednesday.
Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis and his government have resigned in a formal step required by the Constitution following last month’s parliamentary election.
PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech Republic’s president on Tuesday asked the leader of the winning coalition in last month’s parliamentary election to form a new government.
A Czech official says health problems are preventing Czech President Milos Zeman from carrying out his duties.
PRAGUE (AP) — Czech President Milos Zeman, in hospital for days with an unspecified health problem, needs time to recuperate, his wife said Thursday amid uncertainty over whether his condition would impact efforts to form a new government.
PRAGUE (AP) — Prime Minister Andrej Babis said Tuesday that the Czech Republic’s president told him he was ready to give Babis a chance to form another government even though the party led by the populist billionaire placed a surprise second in the country’s parliamentary election last week.
Czech President Milos Zeman has been rushed to the hospital a day after a parliamentary election in which he has a key role in establishing a new government.
PRAGUE (AP) — Czech President Milos Zeman was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

Zeman was admitted to Prague’s military hospital on Sept. 14 for what his office described later as a planned examination.
Hospitalized Czech President Milos Zeman has undergone medical checks that haven’t revealed any problems or disease that would threaten his life.
Czech President Milos Zeman has been hospitalized while predecessor Vaclav Klaus is undergoing tests at the same hospital.
The Czech government has approved a program of help for Afghans who worked with Czech troops during their deployment in NATO missions.
The lower house of the Czech Parliament has approved legislation to compensate Roma women sterilized against their will.
The Czech Republic has lost its fourth health minister since the coronavirus pandemic struck last year.
PRAGUE (AP) — Thousands of people rallied against the Czech Republic’s justice minister Thursday, accusing her of undermining the independence of the country’s legal system and spreading misinformation about the investigation of a huge ammunition depot explosion allegedly caused by Russian spies.
Czechs have lit candles at Prague Castle as the hard-hit nation pays its respects to the country’s nearly 30,000 dead.
Thousands of Czechs have rallied in the capital against President Milos Zeman, accusing him of treason for his pro-Russian stance over the alleged participation of Russian spies in a huge 2014 ammunition explosion.
PRAGUE (AP) — The office of Czech President Milos Zeman on Thursday condemned the 10-match ban given to Slavia Prague defender Ondřej Kúdela for racially abusing a Black opponent in a Europa League soccer match.
PRAGUE (AP) — Czech Prime Minster Andrej Babis fired his health minister on Wednesday, the third to have been ousted during the pandemic in one of Europe’s hardest-hit countries.
PRAGUE (AP) — With a new, highly contagious coronavirus variant gaining force, the already hard-hit Czech Republic was in chaos on Friday after lawmakers deprived the government of a powerful tool to tackle the pandemic.