National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Already running years behind, Boeing’s first astronaut flight is now off until at least next March. Boeing said Monday that it should be done removing flammable tape from its Starliner capsule in the coming weeks.
NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft is back in contact again, after flight controllers corrected a mistake that had led to weeks of silence.
Flight controllers accidentally sent a wrong command nearly two weeks ago that tilted the spacecraft’s antenna away from Earth and severed contact.
NASA is listening for any peep from Voyager 2 after losing contact with the spacecraft billions of miles away.
A NASA power outage has disrupted communication between Mission Control and the International Space Station.
A highly technical process is underway in Los Angeles to put NASA’s retired Space Shuttle Endeavour on display in the vertical launch position complete with external tank and two solid rocket boosters.
People living in and around the nation’s capital experienced a rare, if startling, sound: A sonic boom.
NASA is publicly addressing the subject of UFOs a year after launching a study into unexplained sightings. And it insists it’s not hiding anything.
An old NASA satellite is expected to fall to Earth. But experts tracking the spacecraft say chances are low it will pose any danger.
NASA has named the four astronauts who will fly around the moon late next year. The first moon crew in 50 years includes the first woman and the first African American assigned to a lunar mission.
Moonwalking astronauts will have sleeker, more flexible spacesuits that come in different sizes when they step onto the lunar surface later this decade.
The Russian space corporation and NASA say a coolant leak has occurred on an uncrewed Russian supply ship docked at the International Space Station.
NASA is marking the 20th anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia tragedy with somber ceremonies during its annual tribute to fallen astronauts.
Russia will send up a new capsule next month to bring back three space station astronauts whose original ride home was damaged.
After almost 40 years circling Earth, a NASA satellite has plunged harmlessly through the atmosphere. The retired science satellite came down late Sunday.
Walter Cunningham, the last surviving astronaut from the first successful crewed space mission in NASA’s Apollo program, has died. He was 90.
NASA and Russia’s space agency canceled a spacewalk by two Russian cosmonauts just as they were preparing to exit the International Space Station.
NASA’s Orion capsule is back from the moon. The capsule made a blisteringly fast return Sunday, parachuting into the Pacific off Mexico to conclude a dramatic 25-day test flight.
A Tokyo company is aiming for the moon with its own private lander. The lander blasted off from Cape Canaveral on Sunday atop a SpaceX rocket.
SpaceX has launched a batch of internet satellites for a competitor. Elon Musk’s company stepped in to help after the London-based OneWeb halted its flights with Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.
Half a century after U.S. astronauts brought it back from the moon’s surface, a minute piece of extraterrestrial rock has finally reached its intended destination, the east Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus.
SpaceX has delivered four astronauts back to Earth, making the first U.S. crew splashdown in darkness since the Apollo 8 moonshot.
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Spacewalking astronauts had to take extra safety precautions Saturday after possibly getting toxic ammonia on their suits from the International Space Station’s external cooling system.
On Friday, several of Space City’s best-known institutions — The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and ILC Dover — announced a partnership that brings the benefits of arts and science to pediatric cancer patients while increasing