National Transportation Safety Board
Investigators say pilot fatigue contributed to an incident in which a FedEx plane landed on the wrong runway after an overnight flight.
Investigators say a 79-year-old pilot who became incapacitated before his wife took the controls and crash-landed his airplane on Martha’s Vineyard previously had to provide extensive medical documentation to continue flying.
The NTSB is renewing its calls for major freight railroads to equip every locomotive with automated track inspection devices that it believes could have prevented a 2021 train derailment that killed three people in Montana.
The Dutch Coast Guard said Friday that the Fremantle Highway was still ablaze and being held by a tugboat off the coast of the northern island of Terschelling.
A derailment of an Amtrak train in Montana that killed three people in 2021 was caused by a poor track conditions at the accident site, federal investigators said in a final report.
Authorities in Alaska say search and rescue divers have recovered the bodies of a helicopter pilot and three state scientists whose aircraft went down in a shallow lake last week.
Officials say no survivors have been found after a helicopter carrying a pilot and three state workers crashed in a shallow lake in Alaska’s North Slope region.
Federal investigators are beginning the task of trying to determine what caused a Greyhound bus crash that killed three passengers in southern Illinois.
The driver of a tanker truck hauling gasoline lost control on a curved off-ramp on Interstate 95, causing the truck to flip and catch fire, leading to the collapse of the northbound lanes in early June.
Workers have started removing contaminated soil and damaged railcars left behind after Thursday’s fiery train derailment in southwest Minnesota.
PHOENIX (AP) — A milk truck-tanker crash that killed four people and injured several others on a Phoenix freeway in 2021 was caused by driver fatigue, U.S. transportation investigators said Tuesday.
Federal officials say that the company responsible for maintaining a Texas interstate where 130 vehicles crashed in icy conditions two years ago, killing six, failed to address the deteriorating road conditions.
SEADRIFT, Texas (AP) — A helicopter crash along the Texas Gulf Coast killed two people, according to the local sheriff.
Federal investigators have announced a special investigation into railroad Norfolk Southern. The move follows a fiery derailment on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border in February and several other accidents.
CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — A train and a dump truck collided early Tuesday in Cleveland, killing the train conductor as he stood on the outside of a car, authorities said.
Officials say one passenger died when a business jet experienced severe turbulence, forcing a landing at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.
RENO, Nev. (AP) — The company that owns the medical transport aircraft that crashed in northern Nevada last week, killing all five people aboard, has been tied to two other fatal crashes in the last four years.
Federal officials are investigating a string of close calls between planes, including one this week at Boston’s Logan Airport.
U.S. airlines have made steady improvements to their overall accident rate in recent years. But turbulence continues to be a major cause of accidents and injuries.
Federal regulators are urging freight railroads to reexamine the way they use and maintain the detectors along the tracks that are supposed to spot overheating bearings in the wake of the fiery Ohio derailment and several other recent crashes where faulty bearings are suspected to be the cause.
Investigators probing a fatal 2021 Amtrak train derailment in Montana say the track had been bent along a curve near the accident site and the problem had been getting worse as freight trains traveled over it before the derailment.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday it will investigate a December flight in which a United Airlines plane descended to within less than 800 feet (250 meters) of the ocean surface after taking off from Hawaii.
Safety investigators say they have issued subpoenas for pilots of an American Airlines plane involved in a close call at New York’s Kennedy Airport last month.
National Transportation Safety Board investigators apparently have solved the mystery of why no one was found behind the wheel of a Tesla that crashed in a Texas two years ago, killing two men.
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A FedEx cargo airplane attempting to land at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on Saturday morning had to change course after a second plane was cleared to depart from the same runway, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
A train derailment and resulting large fire have prompted an evacuation order in an Ohio village near the Pennsylvania state line.
NEW YORK (AP) — A small plane that crashed last month as it approached a suburban New York airport, killing two people on board, had a damaged engine that led the aircraft to bleed oil, according to an investigation by National Transportation Safety Board.
LOUISVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — Federal and state authorities are investigating a crash involving a small bus and box truck in snowy conditions that killed six people in upstate New York near the Canadian border.
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Federal crash investigators have released reports and investigative material about a multi-vehicle wreck a year ago in North Las Vegas that killed a driver and his passenger in a speeding sports car and seven members of a family in a minivan.
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Investigators looking into the collapse of a Pittsburgh bridge nearly one year ago are looking closely at damage to the legs of the structure, the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday.