NBA at 75
Vern Mikkelsen of Minneapolis Lakers is closely guarded by Bob Pettit and Hub Reed (19), both of St. Louis Hawks, as he leaps for a rebound in first period of National Basketball Association game November 22, 1958. At left is Larry Faust (14) of Lakers. (AP Photo)
George Mikan, right, six-foot, ten-inch center for the Minneapolis Lakers, goes way up to make a goal as New York Knickerbockers' six-foot, seven-inch center Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton  (8) makes an unsuccessful attempt to defend on April 8, 1953 at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York.  (AP Photo)
NBA at 75
When the NBA began 75 years ago it was different in almost every imaginable way. This series will show how what was happening in the country seemed to mirror what was happening in the league, from the league’s path toward integration to its stance on social issues and race relations today.

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