Organized crime
Mississippi officials have released the name of an inmate who was stabbed to death in a state prison.
Austrian security officials say they have broken up a suspected terror cell linked to the Islamic State group that consisted of nine young men and one woman.
Opposition activists say al-Qaida-linked militants have attacked an army position in northwest Syria, killing at least nine government soldiers and wounding others.
A member of the violent MS-13 street gang has pleaded guilty for his part in the murders of four people in New York, including two teenage girls who were attacked with a machete and baseball bats on a suburban Long Island street seven years ago.
Under heavy security, Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni has visited a rundown Naples suburb where drug traffickers operate largely with impunity and two girls were allegedly repeatedly raped by local youths.
The U.N. says 1,860 people have been reported killed, injured or kidnapped in Haiti from April to June.
The Nigerian army says its troops have rescued dozens of captives mostly women and children held by Islamic extremist rebels in the country’s northeastern region where jihadi violence has raged for years.
The director of Haiti’s National Police is vowing to hold accountable those who encouraged hundreds of parishioners to take up machetes and sticks over the weekend to rid a community of gang members, only to be fatally shot by them.
A powerful gang in Haiti has opened fire on a large group of parishioners led by a pastor as they marched through a community armed with machetes to rid the area of gang members.
Islamic State extremists have almost doubled the territory they control in the West African country of Mali in less than a year.
A Pakistani doctor and former Mayo Clinic research coordinator who sought to join the Islamic State terrorist group to fight in Syria and expressed interest in carrying out attacks on U.S. soil has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.
The United States is warning that the string of military takeovers in Africa’s Sahel region will hamper the fight against terrorism.
Locals have reported the abduction of 42 women during an attack by Islamic extremist rebels in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state.
A new U.N. report says more than 200 extrajudicial killings of former Afghan government officials and security forces have taken place since the Taliban took over the country two years ago.
A man charged in 2019 with planning an Islamic State-inspired attack at a Washington, D.C., area shopping and entertainment complex has pleaded guilty in a separate plot to drive a stolen van into a crowd at a Virginia airport.
British police say a sting operation at a London hotel helped authorities recover a 15th-century Chinese vase worth about 2 million pounds ($2.5 million) and break up the criminal ring believed to have stolen the artifact from a Swiss museum.
U.N. human rights officials are denouncing what they called the “extreme brutality” of gangs in Haiti as thousands flee several neighborhoods in the country’s capital this week amid a surge in violence.
Authorities are searching for a member of the Proud Boys extremist group who disappeared days before his sentencing in a U.S.
The United Nations chief is urging the international community to deploy a multinational force comprising “police special forces and military support units” to Haiti to combat gangs with sophisticated weapons and restore security to the impoverished Caribbean nation.
The United Nations says five staff members who were kidnapped in Yemen 18 months ago by an al-Qaida affiliate have walked free.
Romania’s foreign ministry says a Romanian citizen who was abducted in northeast Burkina Faso in 2015 where he was working at a mine, has been released.
A fire has broken out in a sprawling camp in northeast Syria housing tens of thousands of mostly women and children linked to the Islamic State group.
Hip-hop was born in the Bronx, rising from the ashes of a borough ablaze with poverty, urban decay and gang violence.
Several thousand people — their faces covered to conceal their identities — marched through Haiti’s capital demanding protection from violent gangs who are pillaging neighborhoods in the capital Port-au-Prince and beyond.
Officials and activists say that rebel groups — including one with ties to the Islamic State group — killed at least 21 people in restive northeastern Congo over the weekend.
Police in Pakistan say a roadside bomb has struck a vehicle carrying a local politician and his friends in the southwest of the country.
Passion for this year’s soccer champions from Naples has led Italian police to capture a longtime organized crime fugitive who was living on a Greek island.
Haitians are expressing skepticism over an offer by Kenya to lead an international police force aimed at combatting the gang violence that has wracked the Caribbean nation.
Lebanon has handed over to Italy a suspected Italian drug dealer arrested last month north of the capital of Beirut,.
The United States is praising Kenya’s interest in leading a multinational force in Haiti. But weeks ago, the U.S. openly warned Kenyan police officers against violent abuses.