PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — A day after it expelled six Russian diplomats, NATO member Montenegro on Friday revoked residence permits and banned entry to 28 foreign citizens it accused of spreading “malign influence” in the interest of unidentified foreign services.
A rapid deployment team of FBI cyber experts is heading to Montenegro to investigate a massive and coordinated attack on the tiny Balkan nation’s government and its services.
Montenegrin media say the former long-serving head of the Balkan country’s top court has been arrested for allegedly helping cover up her son’s drug-smuggling operation.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — Montenegrin police have seized nearly half a ton of cocaine reportedly hidden in a banana shipment, officials and media said on Thursday.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — Thousands of people on Saturday poured into the streets in Montenegro despite soaring coronavirus infections to mourn the death of the top Serbian Orthodox Church bishop in the country.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — Montenegrin police said Thursday they have detained around 60 people following clashes at protests demanding the release of eight Serbian Orthodox Church priests jailed for leading a religious procession despite a ban on gatherings related to the new coronavirus outbreak

Olympic women’s qualifying event in Podgorica, Montenegro from March 20-22 postponed to June.

Olympic women’s qualifying event in Podgorica, Montenegro from March 20-22 postponed to June.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — Serbian Orthodox Church clergy in Montenegro protested on Tuesday against the planned adoption of a religious law that they say will strip the church of its property.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — A Montenegro court on Thursday sentenced two Russian military intelligence operatives and 11 others to up to 15 years in prison for plotting to overthrow the Balkan country’s government and prevent it from joining NATO.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — It all started with a video posted on social media: a secret recording from 2016 that appears to show a well-known local tycoon hand over an envelope containing bundles of cash to a party associate of Montenegro’s long-standing leader.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — World War III? Not us, say the puzzled people of Montenegro.

Public officials in this tiny European nation didn’t know what to say initially when U.S.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — Montenegro’s ruling party leader Milo Djukanovic swept a presidential election on Sunday, preliminary results showed, and he pledged to keep the small Balkan country firmly on a European path after it joined NATO last year in defiance of Russia.
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday that the future of Europe’s Balkan nations is in the West, reaffirming Washington’s commitment to the region as Russia works to assert its historical influence there.