Poland’s foreign minister is accusing Germany of trying to interfere in his country’s internal affairs.
Polish police have briefly detained an opposition Polish lawmaker in violation of her parliamentary immunity after she interrupted a campaign speech by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.
Polish soccer federation president Cezary Kulesza says he’s chosen the new national team coach and will reveal the name on Wednesday.
Ukraine is filing a complaint at the World Trade Organization against Hungary, Poland and Slovakia after they banned grain and other food products coming from the war-torn country.
Poland has begun enforcing an entry ban on all Russian-registered passenger cars seeking to enter the country.
Poland’s conservative governing party was hoping to make migration a key campaign theme ahead of the country’s Oct. 15 parliamentary elections. But not like this.
Poland’s President Andrzej Duda says he is awaiting results of an investigation into allegations that Polish consulates sold a quarter of a million work visas to migrants from Asia and Africa for thousands of dollars.
South Korean premier is in Poland for talks on regional security amid war in neighboring Ukraine and also to discuss military and nuclear energy cooperation as the two countries continue to strengthen their ties.
A report says Poland is losing large numbers of Ukrainian refugees from its workforce as they travel to Germany to seek higher wages and government benefits in the rich Western economy.
Fernando Santos’ position as Poland coach remains uncertain after he met with the president of the country’s soccer federation following the team’s poor start to European Championship qualifying.
Poland’s government has called on the European Union to extend the embargo on imports of Ukrainian grain beyond Friday deadline to protect Polish farmers.
Poland’s conservative ruling party has unveiled a new campaign ad that portrays German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an unfavorable light.
The Vatican has beatified a Polish family of nine including children who were all executed for having sheltered Jews during World War II. It was an unprecedented move.
Ukraine has ended England’s perfect record in 2024 European Championship qualifying after Oleksandr Zinchenko’s first-half goal helped secure a 1-1 draw.
Poland’s conservative governing party and the opposition has showered potential voters with promises as the country’s political parties revealed their campaign programs before the Oct. 15 parliamentary election.
The Netherlands visits Ireland for a game in which the losing team will have a tough job of qualifying for the European Championship via Group B.
Two-time champion France resumed its qualifying campaign for the European Championship with a fifth straight win Thursday, while the Netherlands eased to a 3-0 victory against Greece in Group B.
The governor of Poland’s central bank says its large interest rate cut is justified despite high inflation because prices are stabilizing and the era of high inflation is ending.
Poland’s main opposition leader has accused the conservative government of hypocrisy for allegedly admitting large numbers of foreign workers despite its anti-migrant rhetoric and a new border wall.
Film director Agnieszka Holland is demanding an apology from Poland’s justice minister after he compared her latest film to Nazi propaganda.
Poland’s central bank has lowered its interest rates by 75 basis points despite the country’s double-digit inflation rate.
A leading member of Poland’s conservative government has sharply criticized a film that explores the humanitarian disaster affecting migrants along the Poland-Belarus border.
More than 2,000 troops from a Russia-led security alliance have opened military exercises in parts of Belarus near the borders of NATO countries.
Defense ministers for Poland and South Korea say the two countries plan to hold joint military exercises in Poland soon to show the effectiveness of Korean equipment in the Polish armed forces.
Poland’s lawmakers have confirmed candidates for the controversial commission for examining Russian influence in the country which is believed to be targeting the opposition and its popular leader Donald Tusk ahead of the Oct. 15 parliamentary elections.
The German government has presented plans for a “German-Polish House” in Berlin to serve as a memorial to Polish victims of World War II and detail Germany’s brutal occupation of its neighbor between 1939 and 1945.
Polish security authorities are investigating multiple cases of disruption to railway traffic, after unauthorized radio signals stopped several trains over the weekend.
NATO members Poland and the Baltic states say they will seal off their borders with Russia’s ally Belarus if there are any military incidents or a massive migrant push by Minsk.
Poland’s internal security officers are searching for the source of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease which has killed seven people and infected more than 100 in a strategic city near the border with Ukraine.
Poland’s President Andrzej Duda confirms that Russia has begun shifting some short-range nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus.