Religion and politics
A top European court says Bosnia’s political system set up under a U.S.-brokered peace deal amplifies ethnic divisions and undermines elections.
Iranian authorities have for months done little to enforce the law on women wearing the mandatory headscarf, but now the country’s theocracy is pushing to make businesses the new battleground over the hijab.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s social media feeds suggest he’s been busy unveiling development projects and rubbing shoulders with foreign leaders — the powerhouse embodiment of an ascendant India shaking up the global order.
Vivek Ramaswamy, the 37-year-old biotech entrepreneur, is hovering among the top contenders as a Republican presidential candidate while being open about his Hindu faith.
Kashmir’s top pro-India politician says the disputed region lacks democracy four years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling Hindu nationalist party stripped its statehood.
Indian authorities have imposed a curfew, suspended internet service and deployed thousands of paramilitary forces to parts of northern Haryana state after deadly communal clashes.
A group of parents, faith leaders and a nonprofit public education group are suing to stop Oklahoma from funding what would be the nation’s first religious public charter school.
Ron DeSantis is rebuffing concerns about trailing rival Donald Trump and boasting about endorsements and support in Utah as his campaign looks toward states later in the election calendar and aims to reset.
Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who served almost nine years in office after seizing power in a 2014 military coup, is leaving politics.
The presidential campaign of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is busy courting white evangelicals – a key voting bloc for the GOP.
Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson has died. He had an enormous impact on American politics and religion.
Republicans who are seeking to lead their party in the 2024 presidential race gathered in South Carolina this weekend.
With the early 2024 conservative field led by two Floridians, the priorities for faith leaders in the state who have interacted with former President Donald Trump and/or Gov.
In the last 18 months, an estimated 250,000 migrants and asylum-seekers, mostly from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti, have arrived in the Miami area, often only on temporary legal status that doesn’t allow them to work.
In the last 18 months, an estimated 250,000 migrants and asylum-seekers, mostly from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti, have arrived in the Miami area, often only on temporary legal status that doesn’t allow them to work.
China is ordering closer adherence to the dictates of the Communist Party and leader Xi Jinping in legal education before its parliament starts its annual session.
Vivek Ramaswamy, a wealthy biotech entrepreneur and investor and the author of “Woke, Inc.,” has entered the Republican race for president.
NORTH EAST, Md. (AP) — A woman accused of plotting an attack on Baltimore’s power grid wanted to draw attention to the white supremacist ideology she embraced during years spent in prison, where she acquired a Swastika tattoo and increasingly radical, racist views, family said.
The CEO of the King Center in Atlanta says she hopes to spur progress during this year’s observances of Martin Luther King Jr.
The religious makeup of the incoming 118th Congress looks more like what America used to be than what it is today.
The 90-year-old retired Hong Kong archbishop who was arrested by Hong Kong police on national security charges has long been a fiery critic of Beijing and the Vatican’s efforts to reach a working arrangement with the ruling Communists.
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The mass shooting in Las Vegas is the deadliest in modern U.S. history, but is it terrorism?

While much will hinge on the motives of a white gunman attacking a mostly-white country music crowd, that uncomfortable question also hits at some of America’s most divisive issues: race, religion and politics.
A close confidant of Pope Francis, writing Thursday in a Vatican-approved magazine, condemned the way some American evangelicals and their Roman Catholic supporters mix religion and politics, saying their worldview promotes division and hatred.
CAIRO (AP) — It was a startling collision of religion and politics. Egypt’s president proposed a new law that would prevent Muslim men from ending their marriages simply by saying “divorce” three times.