The Crimean Peninsula’s balmy beaches have been vacation spots for Russian czars and Soviet general secretaries.
A Russia-appointed official in Crimea says a massive fire erupted at an oil depot there after it was hit by two Ukrainian drones.
Russian-appointed authorities in Crimea say the military has fended off a Ukrainian strike on a main naval base, while an exploding drone was also reportedly found in a forest near Moscow.
A massive barrage of Russian strikes has hit critical infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities in Ukraine.
Russian authorities have reported shooting down Ukrainian drones in Crimea, while Ukrainian officials said Russian forces pressed ahead with efforts to seize one of the few cities in eastern Ukraine not already under their control.
Authorities say a small explosive device carried by a makeshift drone blew up Sunday at the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet on the Crimean Peninsula, wounding six people.
Russia has marked the 325th anniversary of the founding of its navy with ship parades at major ports.
A senior Russian diplomat is warning that Russia will be ready to fire at intruding warships to protect its borders.
SEVASTOPOL, Crimea (AP) — Sailing into this Black Sea port Friday amid a jubilant spectacle of fighter jets and warships, President Vladimir Putin celebrated the return of Crimea to Russia as “historic justice” during a Victory Day display of military pomp and patriotism.