Southern Africa
Lesotho’s businessman-turned-politician Sam Matekane of the Revolution for Prosperity party is set to become the southern African country’s next prime minister after cobbling together a coalition.
A top official says that Zimbabwe has made “very impressive” progress in meeting conditions to rejoin the Commonwealth, the group of 56 mainly former British colonies, even as the opposition and other groups warned that the human rights situation is fast deteriorating.
MASERU, Lesotho (AP) — Lesotho’s businessman-turned-politician Sam Matekane was sworn in Friday as the new prime minister of the southern African country.
Zimbabwe’s president has opened a ruling party congress that is set to renominate him as the party’s presidential candidate for next year’s election, but soaring inflation and a government crackdown on dissent are fueling tensions in the southern African nation.
MASERU, Lesotho (AP) — Voters across the picturesque mountain kingdom of Lesotho are heading to the polls Friday to elect a leader to find solutions to high unemployment and crime.
Zimbabwe’s health ministry says the death toll from a measles outbreak has risen to almost 700 children.
Rising prices and a fast depreciating currency have pushed many in Zimbabwe to the brink, reminding people of when the southern African country faced world-record inflation of 5 billion% in 2008.
While millions across Europe sweat through a summer of record-breaking heat, others are skiing in Africa.
Relatively low-key commemorations are taking place in Angola to mark the death of former longtime President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who died last week in Spain where his family is taking steps to prevent his body from being returned to the southern African country.
A trial is set to begin this week in Colorado for the founder of a Pennsylvania dental franchise accused of killing his wife on an African safari six years ago and collecting nearly $5 million in insurance proceeds.
Spanish prosecutors say they have decided to look into allegations by a daughter of a former president of Angola that a conspiracy is behind her father’s serious illness.
A Zimbabwean court on Tuesday convicted a journalist on charges of breaking the country’s immigration laws by allegedly arranging fake accreditation for two correspondents for the New York Times.
The discovery of the dismembered body of an opposition activist who had been missing is stoking tensions in Zimbabwe, a country with a history of politically motivated abductions and killings.
Zimbabwe has opened an international conference to try to win international support for its campaign to be allowed to sell its stockpile of seized ivory.
Health authorities in Mozambique have declared a polio outbreak after confirming that a child in the country’s northeastern Tete province had been paralyzed by the disease.
A bus carrying worshippers traveling to an Easter pilgrimage in mountainous eastern Zimbabwe plunged into a gorge, killing 35 people in the early hours of Friday.
A South African general says the deployment of South Africa’s military in northern Mozambique has been extended while its role has shifted from aggressively fighting Islamic extremist rebels to a peacekeeping effort.
Zimbabwe has launched a new COVID-19 vaccination campaign that includes jabbing children aged 12 and above to rescue a drive faltering due to vaccine hesitancy and complacency.
With declining cases of COVID-19, South Africa’s president has announced that it is no longer mandatory to wear masks outdoors and vaccinated travelers entering the country are no longer required to produce negative PCR tests.
Officials in Mozambique say that Cyclone Gombe has flooded large areas of northern and central Mozambique, killing 15 people.
The U.S. Treasury Department has imposed financial sanctions against four men in South Africa it accused of being recruiters and fundraisers for the Islamic State group.
The World Health Organization said authorities in Malawi have detected a case of polio in the southern African country’s capital, another setback in continuing efforts to eradicate the highly infectious paralytic disease globally.
Two people are missing and 885 have been displaced in northeastern Madagascar by tropical storm Dumako.
Zimbabwe’s government says it will stop paying salaries of staff who are unvaccinated against COVID-19, while ordering those who have received jabs to report for work at their offices “with immediate effect,” after more than a year of most government employees working from home.
Even as southern African nations assess the devastation caused earlier this month by Cyclone Batsirai, a new tropical storm is approaching as the Indian Ocean region is confronted by an intense cyclone season.
Officials in Madagascar say that Cyclone Batsirai has caused the deaths of 20 people and made more than 55,000 others homeless after slamming into the island’s eastern coast.
MOMBASA, Kenya (AP) — Forecasts say Tropical Cyclone Batsirai is increasing in intensity and is expected to pass north of the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius on Wednesday evening and make landfall in central Madagascar on Saturday afternoon.
Mozambique, Madagascar and Malawi are counting the deaths and damage by tropical storm Ana and more than a week of heavy rains across southern Africa.
Officials in Malawi say that tropical storm Ana has caused widespread flooding, power outages and killed at least one person in Malawi.
MUREHWA, Zimbabwe (AP) — Inside a sparsely furnished two-room home in rural Zimbabwe, a 3-month-old baby cries.
MUREHWA, Zimbabwe (AP) — Inside a sparsely furnished two-room home in rural Zimbabwe, a 3-month-old baby cries.