A European parliamentary committee investigating the use of spyware in the 27-country bloc has urged Greek officials to do more to shed light on a phone surveillance scandal that targeted opposition politicians and journalists.
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) — Journalists from an investigative news outlet in El Salvador sued NSO Group in United States federal court Wednesday after the Israeli firm’s powerful Pegasus spyware was detected on their iPhones.
EU lawmakers investigating the use of surveillance spyware by the bloc’s governments have accused the EU’s executive arm and member countries of neglecting the surveillance scandal that targeted opposition politicians and journalists.
Cybersecurity researchers have outlined details of cases where Thai activists involved in the country’s pro-democracy protests had their cell phones or other devices infected and attacked with spyware.
WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Former officials in Poland have been identified among the victims of attempted phone hacking with the use of the powerful Pegasus spyware developed by Israel’s NSO Group, a rights watchdog said Thursday.
Apple plans to roll out a “lockdown” option for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers intended to protect against spyware unleashed by state-sponsored hackers — although enabling it will also make these devices less useful.
Spain’s National Court says that a Spanish judge will travel to Israel to seek testimony from the head of tech company NSO regarding the use of its Pegasus spyware in tapping politicians’ phones in the European country.
The Spanish government will tighten judicial control over the country’s intelligence agency. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made the announcement Thursday, weeks after the agency admitted it had spied on several pro-independence supporters in Catalonia with judicial authorization.
Spain’s government has fired the director of the country’s top intelligence agency following the hacking of politicians’ cellphones.
A leading Catalan separatist politician says that Spain’s top intelligence official has acknowledged that her agency hacked into the cellphones of some politicians but insists it had proper judicial authorization.
Spain’s government says it has nothing to hide amid mounting unease over national security controversies involving Pegasus spyware.
Spanish officials says the cellphones of the prime minister and the defense minister were infected last year with Pegasus spyware that is only available to government agencies, in an operation that was not authorised by the government.
Spanish authorities are pledging full transparency as they launch inquiries into the allegations that the phones of dozens of supporters of Catalan independence were hacked with controversial spyware only sold to government agencies.
Catalonia’s president is accusing Spain’s intelligence agency of conducting what he calls “massive political espionage” on the northeastern region’s independence movement.
Catalan separatist politicians and activists are launching a legal offensive in half a dozen countries against the Spanish state and the Israeli companies behind the controversial spyware allegedly used to snoop on them.
A cybersecurity rights group says the phones of dozens of pro-independence supporters in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia, including the elected regional chief, were hacked with controversial spyware available only to governments.
The Israeli spyware maker NSO Group has turned to the U.S. Supreme Court as it seeks to head off a high-profile lawsuit filed by the WhatsApp messaging service.
Digital-rights researchers have concluded that the mobile phones of four Jordanian human rights activists were hacked with software made by the Israeli spyware company NSO Group.
German authorities have seized accounts belonging to the spyware company FinFischer amid an investigation into whether it broke export laws by selling its products to authoritarian governments.
The Israeli tech company NSO Group has filed a libel lawsuit against an Israeli newspaper. The suit comes after a series of explosive articles claimed Israeli police unlawfully used its spyware on dozens of public figures.
JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli investigation found “no indication” that police illegally hacked the mobile phones of dozens of public figures, the Justice Ministry announced Monday, contradicting the key claims of a series of explosive investigative reports in a leading Israeli newspaper.
JERUSALEM (AP) — Prosecutors in the high-profile corruption case against former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that police have found no unlawful use of phone surveillance technology against witnesses in the trial.
Israel’s former police chief says that recent allegations about police using sophisticated spyware to hack mobile phones of prominent officials and protesters have “no bearing on reality.”
TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israel’s police commissioner cut short an official foreign trip Tuesday and rushed home to deal with a growing scandal over reports of illegal spying, including on members of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s inner circle.
An Israeli newspaper says police allegedly used spyware on the phones of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son and members of his inner circle.
Israeli media reports say police have used sophisticated spyware against a key witness in the corruption trial of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The FBI has confirmed purchasing NSO Group’s powerful spyware tool Pegasus, whose chronic abuse to hack journalists, dissidents and human rights activists has long been established.
Israel’s national police force says it has found evidence pointing to improper use of sophisticated spyware by its own investigators to snoop on Israeli citizens’ phones.
Finland’s government says the mobile devices of Finnish diplomats working abroad have been hacked with sophisticated spyware.
Human Rights Watch says one of its senior staff members was targeted last year with spyware designed by the Israeli hacker-for hire company NSO Group.
Two more Poles have been identified as victims of phone hacking with the notoriously powerful spyware of Israel’s NSO Group.