Auto workers have expanded their strike against major carmakers, walking out of 38 General Motors and Stellantis parts-distribution centers in 20 states.
A new poll shows that Americans are much more sympathetic to Hollywood’s striking writers and actors then they are to the studios on the other side of the table.
Labor unions say they will end disruptive strike actions at Chevron Corp.'s liquefied natural gas plants in Australia that provide more than 5% of global LNG supplies.
When former President Donald Trump visits Detroit next week, he’ll be looking to blunt criticisms from a United Auto Workers union leadership that has said a second term for him would be a “disaster” for workers.
It’s been nearly five months since the Hollywood writers strike began and more than two months since actors joined them. Soon, the walkouts could break historic records.
Greece’s civil servants have walked off the job on a 24-hour strike that disrupted public transport and left ferries tied up in ports.
Detroit carmakers are announcing more layoffs that they blame on fallout from the United Auto Workers strike.
The key players in the two strikes that brought Hollywood to a halt include little-known leaders, labor lawyers and entertainment tycoons.
Britain’s state-owned health service is operating on holiday-level staffing in England as doctors in the early stages of their careers joined their more senior colleagues in their first-ever joint strike action.
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From picket lines in Hollywood to walkouts against Detroit automakers, it’s already been a big year for labor organizing — and behind several major showdowns with enormous companies are some of America’s largest unions.
The United Auto Workers union is preparing to expand its strike against Detroit’s Big Three unless it sees progress in contract negotiations.
The union representing striking auto workers is describing its latest talks with Ford as reasonably productive.
“The Drew Barrymore Show” will begin airing fresh episodes on Monday but a lot of off-air controversy will be clinging to its typically bubbly host.
If the United Auto Workers strike isn’t settled soon, consumers will see higher prices for new cars — and not just the ones from Detroit.
California lawmakers have finished their work for 2023. The Legislature sent hundreds of bills to Democratic Gov.
A mid-Michigan man has been charged with sending threatening text messages to the United Auto Workers president.
President Joe Biden says he’s dispatching two of his top aides to Detroit to help resolve the strike by unionized autoworkers.
Nearly one in 10 of America’s unionized auto workers went on strike Friday at Detroit’s three automakers.
Contract talks that could end Hollywood’s writers strike are set to resume next week. The alliance that represents studios, streaming services and production companies said in a statement Thursday that they had reached out to leaders of the writers union, and the two sides agreed to resume negotiati
About 13,000 auto workers have walked off the job at three targeted factories after their union leaders couldn’t reach a deal with Detroit’s automakers.
A Chevron Corp. liquefied natural gas plant has reported a production outage as workers escalated a strike action against its Australian operations that threaten global supply.
With just over 24 hours left before a strike deadline, United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain says offers from Detroit automakers aren’t enough and the union is getting ready to strike.
Sri Lanka’s government has deployed army troops at railroad stations as railway employees continued with their strike.
The prospect of an autoworkers strike could test Joe Biden’s treasured assertion he’s the most pro-union president in U.S. history.
The United Auto Workers union says it will go on strike at three factories as it presses Detroit companies to come up with better wage and benefit offers.
The National Book Awards have dropped Drew Barrymore as the host for this year’s ceremony, a day after her talk show taped its first episode since the Hollywood writers strike began.
Nearly 1 million California workers would win major salary increases under a pair of bills in the state Legislature.
About 146,000 U.S. auto workers are set to go on strike this week if General Motors, Ford and Stellantis fail to meet their demands.
General Motors made its first wage-and-benefit offer to the United Auto Workers that falls far short of the union’s initial demands.