Title IX
The rights of LGBTQ students would become enshrined in federal law and victims of campus sexual assault would gain new protections under new rules proposed by the Biden administration.
Arkansas did something rare during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons: It watched its baseball and softball teams reach the NCAA tournament. The similarities end there.
With the 50th anniversary of Title IX on the horizon, here’s a look at some of the women who played college sports thanks to the law and capitalized on the opportunity off the field.
WNBA co-owner Ginny Gilder says fighting for equal treatment as a rower at Yale 46 years ago radicalized her.
Title IX is best known for its role in gender equity in athletics and sexual harassment on campuses.
Ann Meyers Drysdale was the first woman to receive an athletic scholarship at UCLA. The Hall of Famer, longtime TV basketball analyst and mother of three shares how Title IX has shaped her life and career in a story for The Associated Press, and what needs to be done over the next 50 years for the l
At least 19 states now either bar or limit participation in sports by transgender athletes, who are at the center of a polarizing, politicized debate, even though only a fraction of them are believed to be among America’s 8.5 million high school and college athletes.
By 1974, colleges and universities across the United States were starting to measure the full impact of Title IX, the landmark 1972 law that called for equitable treatment of men and women in programs receiving federal funding.
Title IX compliance is such an omnipresent part of running a college sports program that its significance can often be overlooked.
MILAN (AP) — For Maria Bulanova, it was a matter of surprise — that she could be recruited to the bowling team at Vanderbilt “all the way from Russia.”
As many victims of campus sexual assault see it, guidelines put in place to protect them at colleges have a long way to go to fulfill the promise of Title IX.
The impact of the 1972 Title IX law barring discrimination in educational programs that receive federal aid is vast, but it has been particularly influential in athletics.
Alexa Puccini was just a few days into her freshman year at Iowa, working out with a couple other members of the women’s swimming and diving team.
As the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a new poll finds Americans are split on how much progress has come from the landmark women’s rights law.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Some of the giants of women’s basketball say if not for Title IX, doors would not have been open for them to blaze trails to Hall of Fame careers on and off the court, but sound complacency alarms when it comes to the future of the law.
A timeline of key events before, during and after the 1972 passage of the landmark U.S. law known as Title IX:
Three Harvard University graduate students said in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday that the Ivy League school for years ignored complaints about sexual harassment by a renowned professor and allowed him to intimidate students by threatening to hinder their careers.
TOKYO (AP) — For Quinn, a midfielder for the Canadian women’s soccer team, the opening match of the Tokyo Games carried more emotional weight than their previous Olympic appearances.
The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a Virginia school board’s appeal to reinstate its transgender bathroom ban.
The U.S. Education Department on Wednesday expanded its interpretation of federal sex protections to include transgender and gay students.
MOORESTOWN, New Jersey (AP) — Shannon Keeler was enjoying a weekend getaway with her boyfriend last year when she checked her Facebook messages for the first time in ages.