The Hudson River is 315 miles from its source to New York City. And Lewis Pugh is swimming all of it.
Onlookers online and on the banks of the Missouri River had to wait more than an hour to watch officials use explosives to drop a historic steel trestle bridge into the river that for years carried cars across the waterway along Interstate 70.
You can now refer to Leo the cat as Lucky Leo. He was reunited with his owners in Juneau, Alaska, 26 days after the family’s house fell into the swollen Mendenhall River during a glacial-outburst flood in early August.
Egyptian authorities say two tankers have collided in a single-lane stretch of the Suez Canal, briefly disrupting traffic through the global waterway.
Lack of rain and hot conditions in central New Mexico are leaving one of North America’s longest rivers in dire shape again.
Federal officials said Tuesday they will ease water cuts for Western states reliant on the Colorado River next year.
Western-backed maritime forces in the Middle East have warned shippers traveling through the strategic Strait of Hormuz to stay as far away from Iranian territorial waters as possible to avoid being seized.
People in Norway are preparing for more flooding and destruction in the mountainous southeast as swollen rivers carry large amounts of water southward following days of heavy rain, with vast areas either inundated or hit by landslides.
Officials have broken ground in southeast Louisiana on a nearly $3 billion project to fight coastal wetland loss.
Researchers say such glacial floods could threaten about 15 million people around the world.
Thousands of muddy plastic bottles and other waterlogged pieces of rubbish are piled onto a flatbed trailer on the banks of the Tisza River in Hungary — a metric ton of waste that was removed by hand from the waterway and its floodplain in a single day.
Raging waters from a weekend outburst of water from a glacier-dammed lake destroyed at least two buildings and damaged others before floodwaters receded in Alaska’s capital city of Juneau.
In late June, the Amazon city of Guajara-Mirim approved a law that designates the Komi Memem River “as a living entity and subject to rights.”
Officials in Alaska say at least two buildings have been destroyed and residents of others have been evacuated after flooding caused by a release of water from a glacial lake.
Heavy rains in Paris have led to the cancellation of a swimming event in the River Seine that was to be a test for next year’s Summer Olympics.
The authority that oversees Egypt’s Suez Canal says one of its tugboats has sunk in the waterway after a collision with a tanker.
Heavy rains have set back plans to test Paris’ readiness for swimmers to race in the River Seine at next year’s Summer Olympics.
Heavy rain and high water levels in China’s northeastern rivers are threatening cities downstream, prompting the evacuation of thousands.
The managers of the Panama Canal say they expect income from the waterway to drop, after authorities were forced to limit the number of ships passing through each to 32 due to a lack of rainfall.
Mexican authorities say a Honduran migrant has identified one of the two bodies recovered from the Rio Grande as her son.
The Mexican government has reported for the first time that a body was spotted along the floating barrier that Texas Gov.
China’s capital has recorded its heaviest rainfall in at least 140 years over the past few days as remnants of Typhoon Doksuri deluged the region, turning streets into canals where emergency crews used rubber boats to rescue stranded residents.
Ohio officials say a first-ever comprehensive study of the state’s largest rivers indicates great improvement in water quality over the past few decades. Gov.
Below the towering mahogany trees that blanket this lush mountainside, hidden beneath the brown-red soil, lie millions of tons of very valuable rock.
Once the dams are gone, crews will work to replant billions of seeds from native plants. Native American tribes spent years gathering seeds by hand and officials say the goal is to give native plants an advantage over invasive species such as starthistle.
SCOTTSVILLE, Va. (AP) — Two hundred years ago, it was tobacco. The long, flat-bottomed batteau invented to transport the crop down the James River turned Scottsville into one of the biggest port cities in the early 19th-century Virginia.
A southeastern Wisconsin property owner has filed a lawsuit seeking to limit public access to flooded state waterways.
It was once Latin America’s largest landfill. Now, a decade after Rio de Janeiro closed it down and redoubled efforts to recover the surrounding expanse of highly polluted swamp, crabs, snails, fish and birds are once again populating the mangrove forest.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has escalated measures to keep migrants from entering the US. The Republican is pushing legal boundaries along the border with Mexico to install razor wire and deploy buoys on the Rio Grande.