The Taliban says all beauty salons in Afghanistan must now close as a one-month deadline ended, despite rare public opposition to the edict.
More and more couples are throwing out the playbook for a traditional wedding — and posing new challenges for the people they hire to create the perfect images of their big day.
Dress to Express Your Inner Spirit. More bridal couples are tossing tradition when it comes to what guests should wear.
Jordan’s crown prince has married the scion of a prominent Saudi family in a palace celebration attended by royals and other VIPs from around the world.
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — The Latest on the royal wedding in Jordan of Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Alseif:
He’s heir to the throne in one of the oldest monarchies in the Middle East and a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
A free concert, a henna party and other celebrations have taken place ahead of Jordan’s first major royal wedding in years.
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Defense attorneys are seeking bond for an alleged drunken driver who police say slammed into newlyweds riding along a South Carolina beach road, killing the bride.
Hedda Kleinfeld Schachter, a bridal industry pioneer and Holocaust survivor who decided over a half century ago that brides deserved better than cookie-cutter dresses, has died.
At least Julia Roberts was invited to the wedding.

I heard myself saying that out loud, rather indignantly, about halfway into “Somebody I Used to Know,” the new wedding-crashing rom-com directed by Dave Franco and starring real-life partner (and co-writer) Alison Brie, in which parallels to “My Best Friend’s Wedding” come early and often.
Spoiler alert: J.Lo looks fantastic in a wedding dress.

You surely knew that, given not only the plethora of wedding-themed movies Jennifer Lopez has made over the years, from “The Wedding Planner” to “Monster-in-Law” to the recent “Marry Me,” but also her own offscreen life, of course.
Josh Duhamel was filming a scene in the new action-rom com “Shotgun Wedding” in which his fiancé, played by Jennifer Lopez, throws a grenade up in the air.
Astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, who was one of the first people to walk on the moon, has married his “longtime love” in a small ceremony in Los Angeles.
ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani authorities on Wednesday ordered shopping malls and markets to close by 8:30 p.m. as part of a new energy conservation plan aimed at easing the country’s economic crisis.
The Supreme Court is being warned about the potentially dire consequences of a case next week involving a Christian graphic artist who objects to designing wedding websites for same-sex couples.
A celery stalk sighting and a little luck came together to help a New Hampshire man find his wife’s wedding rings in a 20-ton trash trailer, wrapped in a napkin that he had accidentally thrown away.
A celery stalk sighting and a little luck came together to help a New Hampshire man find his wife’s wedding rings in a 20-ton trash trailer, wrapped in a napkin that he had accidentally thrown away.
This is a dress with a story, and Elizabeth Emanuel wants to tell it. Shocking pink with a plunging, ruffled neckline and body-hugging shape, the gown was designed by Emanuel for Lady Diana Spencer to wear at a party at Buckingham Palace a few days before her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.
President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden married her fiance, Peter Neal, on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday.
“Here Comes the Bride” will play at the White House very soon. Again. President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden and her fiance, Peter Neal, are getting married Saturday on the South Lawn.
President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden is getting ready to be the bride at the 19th wedding in White House history.
Ashley Garner had given up on ever seeing her wedding ring again. She says she lost it outside her Fort Myers home just days before Hurricane Ian crashed into the coast of southwest Florida last Wednesday.
Hurricane Ian almost derailed plans for one couple to wed in South Carolina on Saturday. Two families traveled to the island from Texas and North Carolina and were staying in neighboring Pawleys Island homes when Ian barreled toward the coast.
Elizabeth Emanuel cradles the massive scrapbook before laying it gently on the table and opening its Prussian blue covers to reveal a personal time capsule of her relationship with Princess Diana.
Japanese fashion designer Hanae Mori has died at 96. She designed the wedding gown of Japan’s empress as well as costumes for many renowned films of the 1950s and ‘60s.
Officers with the Boston Police Department’s harbor patrol unit are used to helping boaters in distress, but last weekend Officer Joe Matthews came to the rescue of a groom in danger of missing his own wedding.
A Pennsylvania representative attended the same-sex wedding of his son three days after voting against legislation to protect the recognition of same-sex marriages.
Officials say Pakistani rescuers have resumed a search for 29 people who were missing after a passenger boat carrying nearly 100 members of a wedding party capsized in the fast-flowing Indus river.
Towering waves on Hawaii’s south shores crashed into homes and businesses, spilled across highways and toppled tables at a wedding reception over the weekend.
Hundreds of couples whose weddings were derailed or scaled back due to the COVID-19 pandemic got a do-over thanks to a New York City landmark.