Weekend Reads
It seems everyone from the structural engineer to city officials to tenants had concerns about the 116-year-old Davenport apartment building.
Starting next year, owners of electric vehicles made by General Motors and Ford will be able to charge their EVs at many of Tesla’s charging stations, the largest such network in the country.
PARIS (AP) — The world’s first lipstick. The first modern perfume. A pivoting toothbrush. The original Nivea cream and serum.
Major League Baseball was once so concerned about gambling it banned Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays just for working as casino greeters.
Baseball is steeped in the tradition of fans wanting to jeer the umpire. One Little League in New Jersey is taking a more hands-on approach.
The Flash may be one of the quickest superheroes in the comics, but getting a movie made based on the characters has been a marathon dating back, in some ways, to the late 1980s.
WASHINGTON (AP) — A grainy black-and-white gunsight video Russia released this week to bolster a claim its military blew up some of Ukraine’s most fearsome tanks actually documented the destruction of a tractor, according to a visual analysis by The Associated Press.
BEIRUT (AP) — A little white pill has given Syrian President Bashar Assad powerful leverage with his Arab neighbors, who have been willing to bring him out of pariah status in hopes he will stop the flow of highly addictive Captagon amphetamines out of Syria.
While under house arrest in New York, Anna Sorokin has launched the podcast, “The Anna Delvey Show.”
After years of criticizing mail voting and so-called ballot harvesting as ripe for fraud, Republicans at the top of the party want to change course.
Exclusive drone footage of the collapsed Ukrainian dam and surrounding villages under Russian occupation show the ruined structure falling into the flooded river and hundreds of submerged homes, greenhouses and even a church.
A growing number of states are decriminalizing fentanyl testing strips, seeking to protect people who use drugs from unwitting exposure to the highly potent synthetic opioid ravaging the U.S. with overdose deaths.
People at the epicenter of the fight for voting rights six decades ago are reflecting on the times and their struggles. They’re certain their struggles were worth it.
After months of gradually warming sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean, NOAA officially issued an El Nino advisory Thursday and stated that this one might be different than the others.
Haiti’s inmates are thirsty and starving in severely overcrowded jails, many forced to sleep standing up.
The first big surprise in golf’s new world? Seeing PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan and Saudi wealth fund leader Yasir Al-Rumayyan smiling together.
Tensions have been rising between Israel’s religious and secular Jews since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government took office last December.
Pope Francis’ surgery to repair a hernia in his abdominal wall has raised a question about what happens to papal power when Francis is unconscious or unable to lead the church.
The vicious, relentless and high-profile racist insults directed at Brazilian soccer player Vinícius Júnior underscore an entrenched and decades-old issue that refuses to go away in the world’s most popular sport.
Jimmy Carter is now 98 years old as he receives hospice care. His fellow Georgian, Martin Luther King Jr., would have been 94.
It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan made “Oppenheimer” to be seen on the big screen, but not all “big screens” are created equal.
A three-year pause on student loan payments will end this summer regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on the White House plan to forgive billions of dollars in student loan debt.
Alexei Navalny will spend his 47th birthday Sunday in a tiny prison cell with hardly any natural light.
An Alaska fishing adventure became a nightmare for a family of eight when the wreckage of one of the two boats they’d chartered over the Memorial Day weekend was found partially submerged off an island.
“The Eric Andre Show” is ostensibly not a series that lends itself to longevity. Its titular star, who plays a version of himself and satirizes talk shows by putting unsuspecting celebrity guests through hellish interviews, has become considerably more famous since the series first aired over a deca
The nation’s employers stepped up their hiring in May, adding a robust 339,000 jobs, well above expectations and evidence of enduring strength in an economy that the Federal Reserve is desperately trying to cool.
One year after the killings of British journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira, some people in the remote Javari Valley region of the Brazilian Amazon have seen their lives change, but not for the better.
Perhaps most critical to locking up the debt limit deal were President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s five handpicked negotiators, three men and two women unknown to most outside government.
In the year since the Supreme Court struck down the nationwide right to abortion, America’s religious leaders and denominations have responded in strikingly diverse ways.
For decades, members of the Rastafari community have been persecuted and imprisoned for their ritualistic marijuana use.