Workplace culture
Many women who work at McMurdo Station, the main United States research base in Antarctica, say the isolated environment and macho culture have allowed sexual harassment and assault to flourish.
A CIA officer trainee has been convicted in Virginia of attacking a female colleague with a scarf and kissing her inside a stairwell at the agency’s headquarters in Langley.
Walmart is reporting strong second-quarter sales results as the retailer’s low-price model continues to attract budget-conscious consumers in a tough economic environment.
Dan Snyder remains in the news despite no longer owning the Washington Commanders. He sold the team to a group led by Josh Harris in July for a North American professional sports record $6.05 billion.
The signs of hip-hop’s influence are now everywhere from Pharrell Williams becoming Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director to billion-dollar brands like Dr.
The Honda CR-V has consistently been one of the most popular small crossover SUVs on sale in America. It’s also highly recommended by Edmunds’ experts.
Zoom became a symbol of remote work during the pandemic but the company is now joining a growing return-to-office trend.
Apple eked out slightly higher profit even though sales dipped during its latest quarter. The period included the iPhone maker becoming the first publicly held U.S. company to be valued at $3 trillion.
Taiwan has amended three laws governing sexual harassment in a special session of the legislature, after a wave of #MeToo accusations hit the island in June.
Ten years after publishing her book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead,” Sheryl Sandberg will launch a girls leadership program Thursday through her foundation to respond to what she calls stubborn gender inequities.
Insurance giant Allstate won’t be getting certain incentives from North Carolina that were part of a plan six years ago to add more than 2,200 workers in Charlotte.
Amazon is asking some corporate workers to relocate to other cities as part of its return-to-office policy, which mandates workers to be in the office three days a week.
Stanford University President Marc Tessier-Lavigne says he will resign following concerns about the integrity of his research.
The California state auditor found that California State University colleges mishandled multiple allegations of sexual harassment against employees.
A representative of BBC staff in Cairo on a three-day strike for equal pay with colleagues in the Middle East has accused the broadcaster of “gross discrimination.”
A Florida lawmaker has been accused of sexual harassment by a former aide and a former intern. A Miami newspaper and television station reports two staffers filed a lawsuit Thursday against Republican Rep.
Larry Gadea founded the workplace platform Envoy a decade ago to solve inefficiencies around front desk management.
Workers in the fields of computer science, real estate, finance and insurance experienced the greatest bumps in working from home during the first years of the pandemic, while it barely budged for laborers in occupations like stockers, truck operators and order fillers.
Amazon has unveiled the first phase of its new headquarters complex in Virginia. The company cut the ribbon Thursday on a pair of gleaming, amenity-packed office towers.
Executives at Britain’s ITV have defended the broadcaster’s working culture as a committee of lawmakers grilled them about the way the network handled staff complaints and allegations of a “toxic,” bullying work environment.
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas governor chose a high-ranking U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration official Friday to head the state highway patrol, replacing a retiring superintendent who is facing federal lawsuits over the agency’s policing and allegations that he sexually harassed female employees
Mexico’s Labor Department has issued new rules requiring employers to pay for internet and provide ergonomic chairs for employees working from home.
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — An independent review launched after the disclosure of a relationship between Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey and a worker whom he supervises concluded the complaint was brought by a “disgruntled” family member, and that the episode provides an opportunity to strengthen polic
Macy’s slashed its outlook for the entire year with sales weakening sales in the first quarter during an increasingly challenging economic environment, including stubbornly high inflation.
Hundreds of corporate Amazon workers upset about the company’s environmental impact, recent layoffs and a return-to-office mandate protested at its Seattle headquarters.
SEATTLE (AP) — A group of Amazon workers who are upset about recent layoffs, a return-to-office mandate and the company’s environmental impact is planning a walkout at its Seattle headquarters next week.
The head of the U.S. agency charged with enforcing civil rights in the workplace says artificial intelligence-driven “bossware” tools that closely track the whereabouts, keystrokes and productivity of workers can also run afoul of discrimination laws.
Dan Snyder will soon no longer own the Washington Commanders. Snyder has agreed to sell the team for a record $6.05 billion to a group led by Josh Harris that includes Magic Johnson.
A top Vatican cardinal is defending Pope Francis’ “drastic” leadership firings at the Holy See’s preeminent charity.
The attorneys general of New York and California are investigating allegations of workplace discrimination at the NFL.