Yuriko Koike
TOKYO (AP) — Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told parliament on Monday that fighting the pandemic and strengthening defense are his government’s top priorities.
TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo’s governor has been hospitalized with severe fatigue for the second time in four months and will take about a week off, the metropolitan government said Wednesday.
Giant panda twins born at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo in June now have their names. The female is Lei Lei, and her brother Xiao Xiao.
TOKYO (AP) — Plans are afoot to allow tens of thousands of school children to attend the Tokyo Paralympics despite the coronavirus delta variant spreading among teenagers and those even younger who are not vaccinated.
All fans will be barred from the Paralympics because of the coronavirus pandemic just as they were from the recently-completed Tokyo Olympics.
How are we to judge the pandemic-delayed Tokyo Olympics when they wrap up in two weeks? It’s a straightforward question but it’s difficult to answer.
IOC President Thomas Bach got a mixed reception in his visit to Hiroshima to mark the first day of the so-called Olympic Truce. Such a visit would ordinarily be routine.
New daily coronavirus cases have surged above 1,300 in Tokyo, a six-month high, as fears rise of a possible dramatic increase that could flood hospitals during the Olympics that start in eight days.
TOKYO (AP) — An election in Japan’s capital has left the Tokyo city assembly splintered amid worries about health risks during the Olympics, opening in three weeks, as coronavirus cases continue to rise.
Tokyo’s metropolitan government says Gov. Yuriko Koike will take time off to recover from severe fatigue, one month before the Olympics begin.
TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s expanded state of emergency went into effect Thursday as the government seeks to stop a surge of new coronavirus infections, though with the restrictions not binding many people appeared to be ignoring the requests to avoid nonessential travel.
TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares were mostly lower Tuesday, echoing pullbacks on Wall Street as worries grow about surging coronavirus cases in the region.
TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo is seeing a record surge in coronavirus cases as the governor of the Japanese capital implored people to stay home.
TOKYO (AP) — The number of new coronavirus infections in Japan’s capital topped 600 in a day for the first time Thursday, while experts warned of the increased burden on hospitals.
TOKYO (AP) — The cost of the postponement for the Tokyo Olympics could reach about $2.8 billion, according to figures released Friday by the Tokyo organizing committee, the Tokyo city government and Japan’s national government.
TOKYO (AP) — Olympic “participants” and fans arriving for next year’s postponed Tokyo Games will be encouraged to be vaccinated to protect the Japanese public, IOC President Thomas Bach said Monday.
TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo opened its new Olympic swimming venue on Saturday, and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike pointed out that it was finished eight months ago, just weeks before the Tokyo Olympics were postponed until next year by the coronavirus.
TOKYO (AP) — A governor in central Japan announced a state of emergency Thursday because of rising virus cases and asked businesses and people to curb activities, especially during an upcoming holiday.
TOKYO (AP) — The city of Tokyo announced a record 366 new daily coronavirus cases on Thursday, exceeding 300 for the first time as Japan begins a four-day weekend with many people joining a tourism promotion campaign that the government is pushing despite concerns of a new wave of infections nationw
TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike has won a second term to head the Japanese capital, propelled to an election victory Sunday by public support for her handling of the coronavirus crisis despite a recent rise in infections that has raised concerns of a resurgence of the disease.
BANGKOK (AP) — Robot staff debuted at a Tokyo hotel used for mildly sick coronavirus patients under a new plan to free up beds at hospitals overburdened with more severe cases.
TOKYO (AP) — A “stay home” message tweeted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has fueled anger and accusations that he is insensitive toward people who cannot remain at home because the government’s social distancing measures are voluntary and don’t provide compensation.
TOKYO (AP) — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a monthlong state of emergency for Tokyo and six other prefectures on Tuesday to ramp up defenses against the spread of the coronavirus as the number of infections surges.
TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike spoke Thursday after the World Health Organization labeled the spreading virus a “pandemic,” a decision almost certain to affect the Tokyo Olympics.
TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo Olympic organizers said Friday they are spending 1.35 trillion Japanese yen — about $12.6 billion — to stage next year’s games.
And Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike isn’t happy about it.
NEW YORK (AP) — Runners are all over the course regarding the IOC’s plan to move next summer’s Olympic marathon from Tokyo to Sapporo in pursuit of a cooler climate.
TOKYO (AP) — The IOC has a full-blown fight on its hands trying to move next year’s Olympic marathon from steamy Tokyo to the cooler northern city of Sapporo.
TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s baby panda now has a name: Xiang Xiang, or fragrance.

Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike announced Monday that the 3-month-old giant panda is called Shan Shan in Japanese, or Xiang Xiang in Chinese.