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Gould Injury Law - Authorized and Specialists in Handling Personal Injury Lawsuits in New Haven

September 18, 2020 GMT

Gould Injury law firm is fighting for justice and adequate compensations, for people injured in accidents due to someone else’s negligent behaviors.

New Haven, CT - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 18, 2020 - According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, in 2016, almost 102 people were killed every day in motor vehicle accidents in the United States of America.  These accidents typically happen due to someone else’s negligence and can sometimes cause severe injuries and even death. These injuries and accidents are mostly preventable and would not occur if people are careful about their actions and surroundings. The victims of any such accidents can fight for justice and hold the other party accountable who caused harm to them. This is where a skilled personal injury law attorney will step in.


A Personal Injury law firm is authorized to deal with these cases and represent the victims in a civil court. The injured are entitled to monetary compensations to pay for the medical bills, lost wages, or any other miscellaneous expenses resulting from the disaster. Most personal injury cases have a time limit in which the personal injury lawsuit can be filed. The amount of time varies by state, but as a general rule, the claim can be registered in a period of two years. The law firm is responsible for evaluating the case and collecting necessary evidence so it can be proved that the other person’s negligence caused the accident. The law firm will collect photographs, camera recordings and meet eyewitnesses to gather enough evidence to prove that the victim’s claim is genuine

Personal Injury law cases usually end in informal settlements, but a right law firm will always ensure that their clients receive maximum compensations even if they have to file a solid lawsuit in civil court and go through that route. Insurance companies are involved in such cases, and they will always attempt to settle the matter informally and try to get away with low compensations. An experienced personal injury attorney will ensure that the victims don’t get intimidated by the insurance agencies, and the rights of the injured people are protected.

A brief introduction about Gould Injury Law:

Gould Injury Law was founded in 2012 by Robert Gould with a definite mission to fight for the injured. Since then, the firm has served thousands of clients and was able to get compensation they deserve. Robert Gould is practicing personal injury law for the last 18 years. His determination, negotiation skills, responsiveness, and leadership qualities make the firm the best in New Haven, Connecticut.


Gould injury law Connecticut personal injury attorneys are experienced and personally committed to build a strong case for the injured people and ensure that the outcome is in their favor. Choosing a law firm for personal injury lawsuits is challenging as we see several law firm advertisements every day, making big claims. To ensure the victims are in safe hands, they should always look for some specific qualities in a law firm before engaging with them.

Qualities of a Good law firm:

Gould injury law Connecticut personal injury attorneys are reliable and trustworthy, and we have a history of many satisfied clients. We care for the injured and have all the qualities a dedicated law firm should possess. We have jotted down some below.

Experienced Staff:

An injury law firm should be a team of expert and experienced attorneys. The attorney should be well versed with complex insurance regulations and have the sound medical knowledge to interpret and understand the victim’s medical record and other complexities related to various lawsuits.

 Dealing with Insurance Firms:

Insurance firms can be hard to deal with, and an excellent personal injury law firm is capable of doing that without any difficulties. The law firm and attorney should be competent enough to negotiate with the insurance firm to get justified compensation for the injured.


Personal Injury cases can be demanding, but a good quality law firm and their attorneys are always available for their clients. They make time for their clients and do not even hesitate to visit them in hospitals and homes as they cannot frequently travel. The attorneys should be accessible on phone calls, too, in case of an emergency. Professionalism and Availability are what it makes a firm reliable.

Payments of Fee:

Every lawsuit is different, but an exceptional law firm will have a universal contingency fee. The law firm should understand the victims’ situations and never ask them for hefty fees before their case is settled. A right law firm believes in getting paid only when their clients do.

Honesty and Fair Evaluation:

An honest conversation between a victim and a personal injury attorney is vital. The attorney should ask critical questions, review essential documents, and guide the victim about the case’s legal standing. Sometimes the case is not so powerful; the pieces of evidence and records are not enough to support the claim. The communication should be fair and to the point. Beware of an attorney who makes big claims and gives the injured very high hopes without proper evaluations.

Personal Service and Good Reviews:

Some law firms take way too many files at a time, and they cannot focus on any of them properly, which will eventually result in a poor outcome. To avoid these situations, always look for the law firm reviews and verify with the ex-clients. A little research about the reputation of the law firm is not that difficult. Good reviews are always a great sign.

Some Possible Situation When Our Services are Required:

 Gould injury law Connecticut personal injury attorneys can help the injured in numerous cases and have the expertise to deal with them competently. Our area of practice is immense. Some of the possible situations are listed below. For detailed information about all these below-mentioned scenarios, please visit our website.

  • Cars and Motorcycles accidents victims can file a Personal Injury lawsuit and demand compensations from the negligent party.

  • Dog Bite, Medical Malpractice, and Nursing Home abuse can lead to severe and life-altering injuries. The victims are entitled to compensation in all these circumstances.

  • We also deal with Truck Accidents, Worker Compensation, and Wrongful Death lawsuits.

Contact Information:

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