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September 18, 2020 GMT

Mike Morse Law Firm is an organization of more than forty proficient personal injury lawyers in Southfield Michigan striving for justice with Honesty and Compassion

Southfield, MI - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 18, 2020 - The unpredictable nature of life makes it exciting, but at the same time we worry about unfortunate incidents every day, and if someone beloved has suffered from one, we all know that the post-accident period is challenging. We never know what the next day has to offer, and if an accident occurs, causing injuries, life becomes difficult. Medical treatments are expensive all over the USA, and to afford a good one at the right time is essential yet costly.


Accidents can happen at any time, but they can be prevented by not being careless. Many accidents occur due to the carelessness of someone else and could easily be prevented if necessary precautionary measures and safe practices are implemented. These negligent acts of people can sometimes put other people in immense danger and can have a life-altering effect on people who experience such accidents. The legal system has a process of filing a lawsuit against these people who cause any such accidents, and the law favors the victims. The victims are entitled to get monetary compensation for their medical bills, economic losses, and any other unavoidable expenses resulting from the accident.

The process of filing a case against any person or company is not an easy task, and the help of a trained professional is required. Insurance companies will try to intimidate the victims by placing multiple obstacles in the legal process and trying to persuade them for unfair compensations and settlements. The victims deserve more than this. They deserve excellent medical care, recovery for lost wages, and a chance to recover from the horrors of the accident. Appropriate accountability is also essential so that an individual’s or an organization’s reckless practices are put to an end.

A decent Person Injury lawyer law firm can provide proficient and dedicated representation to victims in personal injury lawsuits. Mike Morse Personal Injury attorneys in Southfield MI   are talented, compassionate, and expert in this field and have developed an excellent reputation. Our commitment to provide powerful legal representation is the reason why our clients swiftly receive high compensations.

Mike Morse Law Firm in Southfield, MI:


As quite evident from the name, Mike Morse Law Firm was founded by Mr. Mike Morse in 1995, and since then, the firm has served over 25000 clients. 

The law firm provides legal assistance to the victims of personal injury accidents, and our expert team of over forty attorneys works with passion and precision to seek justice for the people injured in accidents in Michigan. Our firm is the largest law firm in the area, and the diverse team of the firm is available 24 hours 7 days a week to assist the victims with their cases. 

Mike Morse Personal Injury attorneys in Southfield MI  deal with different types of complicated cases, and our firm has all the qualities of a reliable law firm. The qualities we possess and what clients should seek in a law firm are discussed briefly below.

Characteristics of a reliable Personal Injury Law Firm:

Accidents can occur anytime without any warning, and if these accidents result in serious injuries, then the victim’s life is altered for a long time. The negligent party should be held accountable, and it is only possible if the victim’s attorney is skilled enough to acquire high compensations so a victim can pass the recovery period without worrying about the expenses. Some qualities to look for in an injury law firm are

  • Empathetic Behaviour:

Clients of a personal injury case require extra care as the victims are already going through a hard time after the accident. The lost wages, medical bills, and inability to have a normal life is already very stressful for them. A personal injury attorney should be empathetic and trustworthy. The clients have only one chance to litigate the case, so the law firm attorneys’ emphatic behavior and attention to detail are crucial to present the client’s case appropriately in order to demand high compensation.

  • No payment before the win:

Most victims do not file a case against the negligent party because they cannot afford it. A good quality law firm ensures that they don’t charge any fee before the settlement as it would be challenging for the clients to manage the law firms fee with the ongoing financial issues due to the unfortunate incident.

  • Dedication and Fair Communication:

A best law firm is dedicated to its clients and always gives accurate information to them at the right time to make well-informed decisions. Clients should be like family to them, and the attorneys must be accessible to the victims anytime during the case procedures.

  • Expertise and Excellent Record of Settlements:

Before choosing a law firm, always be sure of their expertise and whether they have the right experience to deal with the victim’s case or not. An under experienced law firm can mishandle the lawsuit, which will eventually result in no or low compensation. An excellent personal injury law firm will have a vast record of satisfied clients and successful cases. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their history of settlements.

  • Customer Service:

Like any other service, a reliable personal injury law firm will have a competent customer support team. The clients should hear from then at least once a month, and the attorneys should only be a call away. Superior customer service will always improve the overall reputation of the firm.

The cases we deal with:

Mike Morse Personal Injury attorneys in Southfield MI  handles all sorts of personal injury lawsuits. Our area of practice is extensive, and our assistance is needed if someone has suffered from any of the following accidents and circumstances. We are just a call away and a free case review is also possible. For detailed information about these cases and all the relevant information please visit our website.

  •  Car , Motorcycle and Truck Accidents. 

  • Dog bite accidents

  • Social Security Disability

  • Birth Injuries

  • Class Action Lawsuits

  • Fire Injuries

  • Bicycle Accidents

  • Nursing home negligence cases.

  • Hip Replacement Failure Cases.

  • Police Misconduct Lawsuits.

  • Rear End Collision Cases.

  • Uber Lyft & Taxi Accidents

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